This is your game, your world, Your excitement.

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As Ive been around this DW land for a couple of years…I always encountered the same question….What makes me return every day…….Well 90% of the time People will tell you…Its the good people that we meet in this game…different personalities.Different cultures..Some of us become friends…Some do tend to become enemies.And as an owner…..You see things more than a regular player…and the fascinating thing is once you find yourself in the game then you become a character..A venner…a chatter….Poker player…Banker…the list goes on…and on…
This is your game, your world, Your excitement. People always tend to say…”I’m Bored”……Well Find something……Look at Edulahin for example….He is a rookie ..like only a month old…..He is in chat daily Talking about what ever he can think of…Making conversation with people he does not know and having a good time with it….Ive never seen him complain yet…..And that is what this game needs…..When you join there is the BERLOCK…which sends you to BERLOCKS QUEST LIST…….Its a key thing to help you on your way, to get your feet wet in the game….Once you join a clan….Read in detail of their clan forums…..Most clans will have a lot of history and tips that may guide your ideas on what you would want to do…..Get to know your Clan mates Mail them, say hi how it going….Let yourself be known. If you just join and don’t get involved…How can you get included into the clan as a team?
Make sure its the right clan….Mail the owner too Or the officers of the clan.Most officers has been chosen, Based on seniority, or the are Key members of the clan that are there to help you…….
Like i said Its all You, on what you want to become …Its all starts with the Clan mates… Team work, and You.That is the key component on a successful clan.
So my best Key areas that I suggest you to go. That can Make you more than a number Is CHAT…and the Casino on the poker Tables……..Why those two?……..Cause its the least amount of people there During certain time of the day….and that’s where you can create excitement for yourself and make yourself known the easiest and fastest way.

For Myself…I am an administrator on a Big Poker site…. During the month of December i will be accepting applications To create Poker Players so our in game casino can get more involved…Look in the forum for that post……..It don’t take much people…..You just have to find what you want to become and use the right people around you. That will help you a lot On your quest to become a DW Warrior. ..This is your world ..Control it.

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I’m still trying to discover what motivates me to come back every morning. Until now only occurs to me that is:
1 – The desire to greet my friends and be there if anyone needs me, working as a bartender and give all DW warriors a beer.
2 – The desire to become stronger than my enemies, to surprise them one day with a log that says, “You were defeated by Edulahin” and a small mail to say “Who is the weak newbie now]:”
3 – Learning from each other, life experiences, computer science, economics, religion, jokes, stories …. you never know what you can learn in a place where thousands of people from all over the world and of all ages.

Great Post SV

November 22nd, 2010 at 07:48

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