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First off, the Hercules game I tried to install failed…  And I know why. It was weird, way too demanding (posting pictures and stuff) and I didn’t promise a pre-determined prize (sorry, I’m not that rich). Or maybe it’s just because there is only one true Hercules and he needed not to claim his title. I like to think that’s the reason. So,  let’s present the winner of the DW Hercules contest. The only one who could stand up to the challenge. The one who could crush any presumptuous attempts to win his throne. The one who, if he played DW, would certainly be on top of every Wall of Fame’s categories (except losses). The one and only Hercules:

Well done! 20 elements for you!

Now, I think I could focus on the game itself rather than on my vain attempts to create some community events. My big up in November is certainly the ven, for it’s turmoil and revamp. So far, we have a raving trio over the million and a record-breaking month. It goes like this:

1. Last CBR Second Place Fun House 5 13,867,081 6,935,986 4,891 1,697,678
2. FARMERS 4 9,423,213 4,713,888 4,563 610,237
3. Last CBR champions Rising Force 7 2,126,998 1,068,566 10,134 2,759,113

The rest aren’t even a match-up, but we still have some good fun, really! It’s not a major act nor it is my best, but I’ll be flirting with 10,000 kills this month.

I really like the fact that we actually have a top 20 now, and you better be part of it or nobody will know about your clan. I also like the talks around some possible ven changes.  I am for the medal system for top 3 and I think each clans in the monthly top ten should get something (if not a prize, a mention). A slight change that would add another dimension to the CBR. All in all, some neat changes were made that made the ven nicer and I’m sure there’s more to come.

On a lighter note, I’d like to know : Who is you personal ven nightmare. It could be the one you always wake-up with in your logs, the one you can’t beat but would really like to (you might dream about it at night ;-) ), the reasons are endless. Let’s see if we’ll get to discover some new tyrants to join the well known brutes. Of course, you guessed who is my worst ven nightmare…

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ahhh mr. awsum…always has a flare to the right words eh??? yeah well you obviously know who my nightmare is and hasn’t changed ever since…he makes me cry when i try to chop him up…lol…guessed already?

December 1st, 2010 at 10:30

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