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Christmas is approaching and we will probably all have our own Holiday topic. This is mine.

This year, I want to review Santa’s myth and mystery. In real life, I still want to believe in the magic of Christmas. True. I wish to keep parts of my child’s heart intact. I won’t deny what good this time of year brought me. All the reunions, the memories. They will stay with me forever. Mostly this year, since I will spend Christmas and New Year alone, away from my loved ones for the first time. Fortunately, I still have various ways to communicate with them, a small compensation.

In DW, Santa touches me, for different reasons. Santa’s Grotto is a well kept mystery to me. I don’t know anything about the ongoings of the King of Christmas. But, I will enjoy the finesse of his tailors’ craftings during this joyful season. I will keep an opened eye on this year’s exclusive trends. Feel free to let me know if you are going to parade in a fine costume for Christmas.

Last year, a few changed their in-game names for Santa. RedMoon was one of them! Will it happen this year. Will once again Santa steal the show? If not in that way, surely in many other ways. Some will untie their purse to gift friends and clan-mates. The luckiest will hold a shining element (or more) in their hands. This gift is timeless as it actually allows one to go back in time. The sapphire, as tasteful as ever, will grant a few good kids with many benefits. Giving access to the SCC is a sure win this year! A generous act this year consists of a fair amount of helixes and a free market 101 class. No better ways for a witty newcomer to start a business.

Shoppers should expect these minimal rates for these stones:

Elements : 13,500,000 gold

Sapphire : 3,000,000 gold

Helix : 400,000 gold

Of course, the trading chat will give an opportunity for some to make advantageous deals. Also, don’t forget that gold, even if it’s a little more impersonal, is always a crowd pleaser.

Set aside that often criticized, but fun mercantile aspect, Christmas is most of all the time to send best wishes, mail old friends, make contacts, share a laugh, selflessly give away good karma, etc. Because, in the end, this is what Santa is all about. To me, there is nothing else.

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