CBR from Boring to Exciting!

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Before talking about CBR, what is a CBR?  CBR or Clan Battle Ranking is a monthly contest where clans battle at the “upper ven” for kill points.  It’s a month long contest and a real source of pride for most battling clans.

During the earlier days, CBR is simply battling and gaining the top rank.  No prize for being no.1 just pure pride and glory.  I have participated in 3 CBR’s in my entire DW life and finishing 2nd in all of them.  I was in  “The Ducks” for my first, SuperDuperUberAwesomeFuntime Clan for my second and third try.  Back in the days, the CBR was exciting enough for most of the members because of the prizes inside the clan but really lacked the kind of competition that would bring many clans into the upper ven.  Categorically speaking, the CBR was a boring month long competition only made exciting because of what we perceive as a glorious event.

Nowadays, the CBR has been thru 2 changes making it a real exciting game.  The first was to offer a laptop as a prize for the winner.  Exciting but didn’t really take off well, probably the prize was just too much for the developers to do on a regular basis.  Then came (2nd change) the free one month healing prize for the winner which was immediately updated to award 2nd and 3rd placers as well.  Although free healing is good but technically what worth is free healing after having to ven for one whole month?  After venning that long, you would want to rest and take a good week off from the ven.  Now comes the medal play!  The medals a clan wins can now be used to purchase clan upgrades like potion shops and armory.  Great isn’t it? That doesn’t include the AP’s that the winning clan will receive.

These innovations have put the CBR in a very exciting proposition.  I can’t even wait to see what other updates will be in the offing.  I’m even considering putting a bit of money in my character to be able to ven like crazy.

The DW team of developers have done the game well, specially the CBR.

Now let’s end this little blog so I can do some pencil pushing and see when can I participate in that thing they call the CBR.

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Nice post Ditrick. Makes me wanna ven!

December 6th, 2010 at 00:07

Ditto turn donator? This i got to watch…lol. Nice post btw.

December 6th, 2010 at 04:11

Ven is a wonderful place .. that’s if I can get in DW. lol ,.. My Clan was RF before I was fed.. and Im one of the top killers before, We participated in the monthly CBR and almost win every month. I miss venning :( Feltash please let me in!!!

December 7th, 2010 at 01:21

Great one Ditrick.. off to the ven.

December 7th, 2010 at 04:01

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