The Big CBR has ended …

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The big race has ended but the killing is still going on! For those who don’t know what CBR is, well I’ll tell you. CBR stands for Clan Battle Rankings. And is a monthly competition where clans fight to the end and ven like C-R-A-Z-Y! Clicking past their heart’s content and clicking till their poor mouse and finger till they can’t take it anymore. When you run for CBR, there is no time for anything else, just ven ven ven!

Maybe for a split second you could go for an AP break and head to the SCC for some chow … Or maybe you are in need of more energy so you take a big drink of your death sweets … mmm that is good! Or perhaps get some more energy in the HCC machine. But even one second is too long of a break as hundreds and thousands of kills could be lost to you!

As a venner, every half an hour (venners are normally subscribers) you wait and stare at the screen, waiting for that big hand to go to 6 or 12 … waiting … getting your mouse and trusty finger ready … eyes wide open … 3 … 2 … 1 … Ding! Clicking FRENZY! Being a venner, you must always be there every revive to be the first to get the fresh meat! Early bird gets the worm as they say … Besides from being there to get the kills, you gotta be able to win the kills! Which means you have to get strong first. Damn so much hard work! Don’t worry, with some time and dedication you will get there! But until then, stop by at local chat and request for a drink of Whisky Brave. That will boost your ability temporarily by + 5 and then you can start parting all the players who are killing you ;-)

Anyway, here are the scores for November’s CBR,

Fun House was declared champion with an impressive 14,498,017 points, FARMERS took a close second with 9,918,866 points and Rising Force took the runner up position with 2,160,231 points!

Just imagine all the blood, flying bodies, elements and painkillers (for the poor finger) they would need to get for those big digits! Amazing! Now that is what I call dedication. Congratulations to all winners! Enjoy the great prizes for that special month!

And with time and dedication, maybe one day you will be able to ven like that too ;-)

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Let’s be more accurate here… Fun House, helpers from Rising Force and every mercenary they could lay their hands took first place…

December 10th, 2010 at 20:26

Why do you have adds on your post?

December 10th, 2010 at 22:18

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