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Since the feature of being able to date and marry someone was added to the game, many people got enganged or broke up into their relationships, how they started? How they ended? Let’s try to understand it now.

Alot has been discussed regarding this “popular” feature into DARK WARRIORS, in my very first days i was just a noob exploring with my bronze sword when someone messaged me trying to convince me to be the priest of his marriage with his lady.

I was kinda nervous, i was a new player so i wanted to make it a big event to make myself popular into the game since the majority of the famous players were going to appear.

I was wearing my black tunic because the broom asked me to when I saw Devious Blue eating some of the wedding flowers, someone yelled: “Devious, they are not made of crayon!” She carefully placed the flowers in the bench and started to stare to the altar.

This was the funniest part of the event, the rest was just annoying and boring, it was a long wait for a fast ceremony.

Tired of being the priest i started to kill people in the wedding when i first met my first wife, Lady Joa, she was a pretty woman sitted in the floor watching his father marrying, we ended up marrying some days later and broke up since i didn’t really wanted to have a date or something.

After some months we saw alot of Drama, specially from the Royal Family of the Graywinds, i can’t count how many times they broke up and got back togheter and how many laughts i had reading their story, it was a really fun time watching all that stuff going on.

Recently we’ve seen the ONION and Shrooms broke up, which was a shock for everyone to see the most powerful couple breaking apart, i’m glad they are back togheter too.

We can’ t forget how many times people asked for Gay Marriage, maybe it was a secret wish for Patches to marry Nappy or Nate xD

So, what’s your opinion about the relationships in the game? :D

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!WTG! I was just a noob…corect im still just a noob but in my first 14 days i manage to get a GF. we start dating then she wanted to breake up..”in chat” i said, no thanks im a quiet person, lest split and thats all..

Now im a happly single warrior, abiable for one night stand lol

December 16th, 2010 at 22:47

Me and Nappy would adopt little Mexican kids!

December 18th, 2010 at 14:06

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