The Demons are here!!!

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But where are they? Wait look! At the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? Nope, but now I have your attention, I can tell you that there was nothing in the sky! But on the ground, in the sea, hiding in the little woods with the cute furry creatures and in dark scary caves its the start of  … the Demon Eggs o.o

Where did they come from? Well no-one knows … but there is a rumour that there was a bunny rabbit, merrily hopping down a nice luscious green hill full of flowers and trees that was stopped in its tracks on the edge of Westland. There stood in front of it … 5 colourful orbs and a piece of coal. Little shiny illuminating orbs … so the bunny went and said “Hmm, these look yummy, I’m gonna go eat them! ]:”

Yes … evil little bunny, eating shiny orbs that held the important elements of time and space. But hey, the bunny is hungry, so he has to eat. Later on … the bunny had a stomach ache making his stomach grow … and grow … and grow … Soon … he became a gargantuan bunny … and became a very big bunny with an upset stomach … So … to get rid of the stomach ache, plop one by one, then by the tens and hundreds went this colourful eggs, in the colour of the shiny element orbs that rolled down into the caves, woods, oceans and mines.

With plenty of eggs leftover, the bunny back to its normal size, and its stomach all well and happy again, the bunny decided to throw all the extra eggs up in the sky to a far away place … not being very athletic, the eggs didn’t go far and tumbled into Westland. Ziggy, getting ready to find some presents to giftwrap for Christmas, hits the jackpot as lots of eggs hit him on the head, giving him lots of bruises. But discovers the first few eggs ever to of existed in Westland. But one thing that even the bunny didn’t was that … the eggs went bad and turned … demon o.o

And that, boys and girls was how these Demon Eggs came into existence. But there is also one more rumour … it is also said that a guy named Feltash, creator of Westland had made this eggs so that everyone could have an Easter Egg Hunt during Christmas! And have their own little friends to play with. But hey, they are just rumours ;-)  …

…Or are they?…

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