And so it is Christmas

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Another year is about to end and another year about to start.  In DW, it’s the season to be wandering who will kick your butt after the season of gift giving is over.  Yesterday, you were farming mr.dw player 1, he would send you hate mail here and there.  Then one morning after Christmas, booom!!!  you check your log and there he is, the guy just killed you and sent you a not so friendly note, “I will farm you like crazy now that I can kill you”.  Uh-oh!  oKay!!!  hmmm  good thing I have 10 ability.  Part soul – part soul!!!  ho ho ho ho!

Well, now the question is, what the hell hit me???  Grady is on vacation! Whaaaatttt???  Ultra Sub but only yesterday he was not even a regular sub!  Damn it!!!  Must retaliate…. hmmm…hit his boats!!! yeah good idea, my boat is very strong with all those upgrades.  Proceeds to the Seafaring, patiently waiting for his boat.  Aye Captain, check the starboard side, warship patroling with id mr.dw player 1.  You sail away, hit the guy and baammmm!!!  Shooot!!!!  I got sunk by this freaking newbs boat! That didn’t work well.  How about outpost!  Let’s go let’s go!!!
1 turn trial, he lost but stole 1 token..not worth the hit.  He again sends you an email. Okay dude I am more powerful than you now, your ass is mine!  aarrrrrggggghhhhh

Oh well, that is how it is.  Christmases simply makes the powerful more powerful and the lucky kids getting their gifts and buys those winter pack thing and gets those ap’s and special equipment.  Personally I think, that is what the game is all about, trying to outdo somebody who is just about the same power as you, more or less.  A friendly rivalry but if he continues to use that credit card, it’s not going to be any rivalry anymore but simply you become owned! hahha hahah

Just go part your soul with him every revive this Christmas season and hope he gets sore thumb and fingers from farming you like cccrrraaazzzyyyy!!!!  Merry Christmas to all you!!

A friendly reminder if you get your gift, if you see my name, just look on top of me or at the bottom.  Try to leave the friendly capo alone.  I… Thank…. You!!!!!

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