Helloooooo 2011!!!

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Time flies when you’re having fun.  The year 2010 was definitely fun in both the worlds I live in, real world and DW world!

I think 2011 will be a banner year for Tom’s crew.  In the late 2010, introduction of great updates came to fruition.  New tradeable currency – GC’s, new feature on regular subs, eggs hatching to pet monsters cbr updates and a lot more.  Our game is being transformed at a very fast pace.  If you are a weekly player, you may have a hard time catching up with those updates.

Aside from the game updates, I think there will be a lot of developments happening within the active community.  Specifically on mergers and acquisition.  Sounds corporate, well running a clan is a business.  A nasty business!  What I mean by mergers and acquisitions is simple.  The CBR has transformed into an exciting event that participating in it will mean great rewards to the winning clan.  I foresee some mergers between weaker clans.  Although the tops spot remains to be a competition between Fun House, Farmers and Rising Force, I think when mergers happen, the top 5 ranks will become tough to get to.  I hope the mafias can be in the thick of thin for 2011.

Not only there will be mergers and acquisition, there will be a lot of movements between clans.  Members jumping ship looking for a stronger clan to join so they can taste glory.  This has happened in the late 2010 and for sure more of it will come this 2011 .

I wish there is a way to introduce a cap in membership to somehow equalize clans in terms of membership and venning capability. That would put more clans in the map and entice more members to be active in the CBR.  I know this suggestion opt to be posted in the “Ideas forum” but I’m already here and typing my heart out so just read from here and post it in the ideas forum yourself hahhahaha.

From the Mafias of DW, a great 2011 to all other clans and players of Dark Warriors!

"Don Corleone, I think Don Ditrick Capone is up to something for the familia and it stinks like blood"

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