What’s new in 2011?

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Happy New Year to one and all! Time for new resolutions! New goals to achieve! Maybe even a totally new look. It’s time to be who you want to be in 2011, a time for new opportunities! Maybe even buy a subby or two. Whatever you feel like doing, it’s time to do it now.

So what has been going on in DW this year? Lots and lots of new updates! Demons are flying and crawling everywhere, along with tonnes and tonnes of uber strong ships stalking the waters. With the new Pirate Battle Rankings, people have come out of their shells to show what their boats are made of. The waters are now officially a DANGER zone, so beware when going out to Home Port, you might just get sunk …. again … again and again. Not to mention the many empty egg shells floating around the ocean, new demons have been coming out and the rare golden eggs too. But who wants to be online for 500 hours just to crack open an ultra rare egg? Pfft, how tiring, well luckily with the new Blood Talon Potion, a single drop can instantly hatch your egg! Amazing new stuff!

This Jan, watch out for lots of new packs, buffs and others in the GC Shop. This month start buying some GCs to purchase the awesome Jan Splash Pack and Jan Mega Pack, all packed with lots of goodies for everyone to use! Even the poorest of players can purchase the greatly priced Splash Pack (75GC) and for those wealthier players, the Mega Pack (2000GC). As for some buffs and others, a new armour called the Mantle (175GC) has come out along with some very interesting new buffs called Handle of Strength (500GC) and  Gerinite Orb (500GC).

With a new year comes new adventures and experiences, LPs have finally arrived and people are already wondering how to get them fast so they can get themselves a New TV or a Beach Towel. Stay active and loyal to the game and maybe one day you could get a nice TV too or if you prefer something in game, the whole ice set or the awesome Black Fate skill. Just remember to keep playing and stay active, and you will be rewarded!

To think that all of this happened in just a month …  imagine what next month will bring.

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