The tale of jjohnson91 [586491]

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Many have heard of him and his legacy, some are scared of saying his name in the streets and some can’t even hear it anymore…

It’s finally the time to tell the story of the biggest living legend that crossed the Westlands.

Some are scared to mention his name in public, some can’t hear it anymore and some villagers wait for his return…

THE TALE OF JJOHNSON91 *thunder sound*

The born of a legend…

It was a very calm day in the city that was interrupted by one of the heralds who announced the birth of a lil’ sacred kid. It was not long until all citizens of the small town of Hania heard of his born and the death of his mother, his only living relative.

As a kid, the lil’ J was a born leader, he used to tell other kids what to do and he had a special hate, CLANS. No one knows further info about this, all we know is that he used to think that groups only take from you, and they offers are never enough.

History being made…

As a young warrior, he finally arrived in the Westlands and was beaten by the local warriors. With mud in his face he swore revenge to all the ones who laughed at his plans and his present defeat.

He went to the local tavern looking for a mentor, the Old Wise Man who was in a dark corner offered him help by recruiting Johnson to his Clan.

As we know, his worst enemy are the clans (because they only take from you and blablabla). He refused the help from the Old Man and started his way to the hills alone.

Trained by the wolfs, who adopted him as a child, Johnson was ready to start his legacy in the kingdom who told he was a joke and made him leave. He grabed his sword, some wolf fur he used to protect himself from the winter and went in direction of the Westlands.

After some days in the road he finally arrived, took a big breath and yelled with all his might for the Warrior who made him eat mud.

The crowd started to gather around him and he drawed his sword and yelled once more.

Consecration as a legend

The  big guy finally arrived, he was strong as a hundred horses,  drawed his axe and attakced the poor J.

No one knows for sure what happened but as the attacked started jjohnson91 gathered all his power and will to merge into a wolf.  He jumped on the giant and took out his eyes with its talons and devoured them.

The people around were shocked. With his human form back he was unconscious on the floor and was cheered by a thousand different voices, he killed the strongest Demon that was tormenting the town that was possesing one of the strongest warriors of the village.

The end

When he was conscient again,  he woke up in the bed of a cleric’s hut, his arms were bleeding but everything was under control. He took all his stuff incluiding the eyes of the demon and left.

No one ever heard of him again, but his name is still in being said around the lands and his story is being told by the bards.

This post is dedicated to my friend RavenKnight [343285], one of the biggest fans of his legacy.

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this is simply epic good work hooli

January 11th, 2011 at 14:25

Damn you and jjohnson91, Hool….

Nice article, anyway, so there’s your feedback! lol :D

For a non-native English speaker (i.e. English is your second language (one assumes?)) you have an excellent command of prose, both descriptive and narrative, in other words you tell a good story!

Keep up the good work buddy, and one cannot help but wonder how one acquires one of these bloggy type thingamajig’s?

January 12th, 2011 at 01:51

R.I.P. the man, the legend, JJOHNSON91

January 24th, 2011 at 10:17

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