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I log in everyday but these updates zoom passed me.  I couldn’t believe my eyes how I didn’t know of these updates.  OCC????  Whoa!!!  Wow!!!  Whoever suggested OCC in the ideas forum must be feasting in pride and glory right now.  OCC is indeed a great addition,  I have gained 1 defense, 1 strength, some plats, 1 ability, 1hp simply amazing.

But what I hate most is, I used to have in my inventory 3M burelias around 2M alethites and now, I seem to have none of them!  Nope I didn’t use it to try my chance in OCC.  I sold them in the market to buy some elements.  darn it, bummer!!!

Let me see what will happen to the markets with the introduction of OCC.


Sapphire will be in demand. A lot of  “SERFERS” will surely sprout.

The obvious -  ores will rise in cost

helix will be in demand, people would want to boost their energy.

Into the not so distant future, elements will be back in demand not from CBR but from people leveling down after going for level 100 and getting those energy rings and trying to find +max energy in the forest.

Such a simple update…..such big impact in the future of the markets and GC purchase as well!!

Slackers like me will definitely be minced meat with more active players of DW.  Time to step up your game!  Have a game plan!

The Capo

On More serious matter:

I wish all players of DW who are from Brazil, Australia, Philippines and other countries affected by this La Nina Phenomenon to be safe.  We cannot stop mother natures rumblings but we can avoid this by taking precautionary measures.  I wish you all safety and hope that weather improves in your country.

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ah, ditto.
i miss your market insights so much!
come back to me, where you belong… :(

January 20th, 2011 at 17:37
Ditrick Capone

you can hire me on consultancy basis now! hahahhaah i am no longer owner!

January 23rd, 2011 at 03:50

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