Nobody Ever ‘Really’ Quits Dark Warriors…

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In my 3 long years of playing DW, I have encountered a lot of players who would announce in public forum their disgust about the updates and changes in DW and openly say they would quit.  I happen to be happy about change.  I believe that in life, the only constant thing is change.  Putting it in game scenario.  Who would want to play DW for years and years without any change?  I won’t.

In any game, change is good.  It may not suit your style or fit your character but change is always good.  It simply means the developers are looking for ways to improve the game.  Improving the game is not easy.  In a way, free loaders are lucky to be playing DW and enjoy stuffs that was once available only to Ultra subs, this came true because of game updates.

The recent updates made the game a highly strategic game, though the main factor or advantage would be for the wealthy players.  Wealth in terms of game resources, whether you use real dollars or in game currency, the competitive advantage lies on how well you are as a player to gather enough currency to stay within the top 20% of the field. If you can’t keep up then quit because you simply can’t keep up.  I cannot understand people lambasting the developers simply because they have been farmed, killed endlessly, or picked upon by one who has enough resources to be strong.

For those who said they were quitting because real life issues come in play and they come back to play again, I welcome them with open arms.  For those who announce they are quitting because they abhor the changes in the game, or they think the developers are giving favors to big spenders, well by all means quit.  If I were the developer, I would really favor the big spenders, simply because they keep the free loaders playing the game.  I hate to be redundant, freeloader can continue playing for FREEE!!!

A lot will probably get mad at me but before you do, ponder on what I say in here.

So if you are a quitter who announces you are quitting because the developers messed up the game…. please….when you say you are quitting ….. FOR PETE’S SAKE  QUIT!!!!  Don’t come back!

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Every word you said is true. Great post WTG!.
PD> Quiters must die!!! O,..,O

PD2>> .. Why i had to put my acount in holidays for so long??…i cant wait to go back.. send my greetingt to every one.

February 9th, 2011 at 15:39

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