CPR or CFR or neither?

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A very HOT topic at the moment is whether or not to keep the current scoring of:

100 points for destroying a rowboat
200 points for destroying a longboat
300 points for destroying a warship

All losses are worth -100 points.

Fish are also worth the following points each:

1 Minnow
2 Sucker
3 Shiner
4 Trout
5 Salmon
6 SeaHorse
7 Snapper
8 Parrot Fish
9 Wrass
10 FlatFish
11 Darter
12 Sculpin
13 Perch
14 Eel
15 Stickleback
16 Puffer Fish
17 Grunt
18 AngelFish
19 Skate
20 Shark

Or to change it so that its more fair and balanced so that the CPR isn’t just a sapphire war or as others put it a “CFR” (Clans FISHING rankings).

Lets look at both sides here. (My attempt at being as objective as possible and looking and portraying both sides clearly)

Side 1 – Change the scoring so fishing and sinking is more comparable so to initially win the CPR is to BOTH  sink and fish. And not just one or the other.

With current sinking scores implemented there is an imbalance, as if you fished all day long, you could earn much more points by sitting there, resetting your casts, by bait, hooks, etc and repeating this over and over again until you run out of sapphires.

For example, say I can catch 50 sticklebacks with 100 casts. That would equal to 50 X 15 = 750 points. That is more than sinking a rowboat, longboat and warship combined! And lets say you have 20 sapphires to use for fishing, 750 X 20 = 15k points!

Now that is a lot of points and for as little work of say an hour or so of effortless clicking and little skill. If you were just sinking boats, you could probably get 15k points in about a week (depending on the amount of boats in the water and whether you have strong rigs or not) which is a lot more work in comparison to just fishing.

But what if … The sinking scores are changed to … for example:

+2k points for warship

+1k points for longboat

+500 points for rowboat

All losses are – 500 points.

To get a decent amount of points, both sinking and fishing will become profitable as they are close in points. Which means you can’t JUST fish to win and you can’t JUST sink to win. It creates a more interesting competition instead of just being a “sapphire war or CFR”.

Side 2 – CPR should be kept the way it is

Why? Well because there ISN’T an imbalance and as you can see, clans who have won and are currently winning the CPR both fished and sunk ships. So obviously, the current scoring is fine the way it is. And obviously there is not an INFINITE amount of sapphires to use on the CPR and can be better off used to boost your stats or to sell on the markets and etc so therefore, the current CPR is not a sapphire war.

And if the current scorings WERE to be changed to the example above of:

+2k points for warship

+1k points for longboat

+500 points for rowboat

All losses are – 500 points.

Then there would be an imbalance since clannies could just leave their clan and suicide on their clannies to earn easy points. And could do this will multiple clannies, earning hundreds points per revive. Therefore, creating a CSR (Clans Sinking Rankings).

So here are the 2 sides

Side 1 – Change the scoring so there is a BALANCE and is not just a sapphire war (CFR).

Side 2 – No need to change, it is fine the way it is. If there were a change so sinking ships earn more points like the example above, it will cause an imbalance for sinking (CSR).

Ahh but wait, there is an ALTERNATIVE! Suggestions made by parties who are neither Side 1 or Side 2.

So here are some of the suggestions:

- “Keep the current scores, but have only 1 fishing results per reset count towards your CPR points, same as your first 5 jousts a day count towards your total score.”

- Set a limit on how many times you can reset your fishing casts

- Make it if you leave your clan, you cannot join another clan for 24 hours (lessens the abuse of people leaving their clans to let their clannies suicide on them)

Now tell me this, are you Side 1 or Side 2? Or are you the Alternative? Or do you just simply don’t care?

Let’s hear your opinion.

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Side 2! And like I several times said there is a limit to casts, how much you saved and how much you’re willing to spend on fishing. Putting limit to resetting fishing casts is the same as setting limit to how strong your character or ship can be, you’ll be strong as you’re willing to spend on it (time, gold, stones or $$$), do you see similarities with resetting casts?

February 9th, 2011 at 07:24

I forgot to add, if seafare had NPCs that would raise exp to ships, it would make more player interested in sinking, then just fishing.

February 9th, 2011 at 07:30

Love the way it is.. :)

Why?? If you worried about the sapps wasting, why dont you say so for CBR ?? All the venners wasting their elements on CBR, just like sapps in CPR..

Second, the battle concept is not balanced.. Coz you can buy the BAP with GC.. thats not fair for non spender..

I have the same idea about AP..
I want that DW will not selling any AP and BAP oneday..

If you want to know the reason?? ask me and I’ll explain it ;)


February 10th, 2011 at 03:29

Side 2 is not accurate.

Out of the top 10 clans, Fort knOx is currently in 2nd place in wins but only in 10th place in fishing. That leaves us in 10th place overall.

So it doesn’t matter how many kills we get. Since we are a small clan, without a lot of people to fish, we have no chance unless we use Sapps or recruit more people to fish.

Please don’t take this as me whining. I’m just stating the facts. I don’t have a problem with the current system. It’s just designed to benefit the fishermen more than the true pirates.


February 13th, 2011 at 11:49

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