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Not so long ago, the markets available to players were the PLATINUM, HELIX, SAPPHIRE and ORE markets to trade your currencies.  For your bloodied, dented and dinged weapons, you had the items market to try and sell them at a better price than the buy-back option in the equipment stores.  In the Items market one can sell custom equipment as well.  From these markets, we have the addition of a few and very interesting markets.  Not so long ago, maybe about a year or so, the ELEMENT market and AUCTION HOUSE was introduced.  To this date, we now have the latest addition to the markets, the GAME CREDIT market and the FOOD & DRINK market.

For the benefit of the noobs out there, I’ll talk a little about the markets.

The Platinum Market

Sources of Platinums:  Forest, Dark Forest, Plat Shop and Ultra Subby

Use of Platinums:  Clan Healing, Outpost, Slated Hut, Chamber of Wisdom, and if I am not mistaken some diseases* requires platinum to be healed

The Helix Market

Sources of Helix:  OCC, Loligo Caves, and Game Subscription

Use of Helix:  Increase your MAX ENERGY by visiting the HCC and putting in 50 helix,

Replenish energy in the Helix Mines.

The Sapphire Market

Source of Sapphire:  Ultra Subby

Use of Sapphires:  Devious Ridge, SCC, Character Change name, Clan Change name, Serfs, Lottery, Shadow Castle

The Element Market

Source of Elements:  Buy it from the game shop with GC

Use of Elements:  ECC, Increase/Decrease Level

The Ore Market

Source of Ores:  The Mines

Use of Ores:  OCC, Outpost, to cure diseases*

The Game Credit Market

Source of GC:  Buy it from the game shop with real money

Use of GC:  To literally buy everything available in the game.

The F & D Market

Source of F & D:  Food and Drinks Shop (purchased with tokens from outposts)

Use of F & D:  replenish energy or hp

In this blog, I’d like to talk about the 2 latest markets.  I’ve decided to concentrate more about the markets.  During my hey Ditto days, I used to receive mails about how I trade and what are my trading principles, maybe I will try to share some of the mafia’s market strategy.  My market strategy has intrigued a few players in DW.  I’ll try my best to impart some knowledge to those who are interested. But this thing will take several issues of blogs.  So let’s take it from here.

The GC Market

The introduction of this market caught me by surprise; GC is equivalent to real money.  Giving us this market is simply a sign of generosity from the game owner/developers.  You can purchase ultra subby with this.  Once upon a time, ultra subby is only for those who can afford to spend real money in the game.  Now, if you are market savvy and dedicated player, you can afford to subscribe without having to spend real money.  One of the best addition to the markets so far.

The Food and Drinks Market

This has become my favorite market, if you have given importance to your outpost when ores were dirt cheap.  Outposts generate tokens which you can buy F & D from the F & D shop.  The only way to convert your tokens to gold before was to replenish your energy with drinks then hit the lumbermill or loligo cave.  Things are much easier now, tokens derived from the outpost can be used to buy F & D and straight to the market to sell it for gold.  This is my favorite market to date.

According to Feltash, in one of his posts, there will be other markets that will be introduced in the game.  It makes for a more strategic way of playing the markets.

Next week, I’ll talk about the correlation of each market and hopefully give a trading tip.  For now, all you noobs out there, maybe you would like to start your outpost and stack up on those death sweats.  Death sweats trades the best. Specially during the middle of part of a CBR.  =)

Until then…….

Ditrick Capone

*Disease – a new game update that will infect players with different types of disease depending on which land they acquired it.  Look up Mag’s post.

Note:  This post will be updated to include other uses of currencies.


Ditrick Capone is not a guru of some sort in the DW market, it just so happens that he is an active player in the market.  Once upon a time.

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Nice post! And hehe, it would be cool to see you back when you were a really active merchant, hopefully Ive done justice and put your tips to good use ;)

And oh Source of Sapphire: Ultra Subby, Chat Quiz, Jousting Barracks, just needs a little updating :P

February 23rd, 2011 at 01:06

nice post, addition, you can get a sapphire from the occ, appreantly not had one myself.

February 24th, 2011 at 01:20
vinne the fink

good one m8

March 1st, 2011 at 04:30

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