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One thing I like to do (especially when I am burnt out and cannot think of anything good to write), is bring in special guest stars that you know and love and get them to write something fresh for your reading pleasure.

So, without further ado, please welcome… THE EEL!

The global village of DW

One of the best things about DW is meeting and chatting with people from all around the world. I am not sure there are many other places where people from so many places come together and enjoy each others company. Also, the players’ ages range from I would guess 12 year olds up to older players (not to name names, but I wonder who is the oldest player, I’m sure I am up there near the top). Really, how often in RL do teenagers hang out with 40-50 year olds. Of course it is all ‘virtual’, but in fact many players know each other or have met in real world.

And, even though this game is largely based on attacking other players, most players are friendly with each other, even their ‘enemy’ in the ven. One need merely join in chat to see players having fun with each other. While there are occasional disagreements and verbal fights between players in chat (I have been told to go f*# myself, and to go boil my head) or in the forums, for the most part everyone gets along fine and enjoys some good natured heckling. Were you there the time we did chat in rhyme for like an hour. I thought that was hilarious.

And what is more, players here are really helpful to new players. Just post a question in forums, and you will get great feedback from more experienced players. And again, go to chat, you will see some amazing things. I have seen a new player who asked a good question given a million in gold from an older player. Or someone asks about starting to fish, someone will give them enough gold for a boat and some gear. For a game where you defeat other players, there is a great amount of generosity from those who have resources and information.

I know I have been helped with gold and equipment and information from other players. I have laughed out loud at some things people say in chat. I have learned a lot from other players. Thanks for the help and the fun.

Give it up one more time for THE EEL!

We will be back after a word from our sponsors….

Join us again next week when we bring back “KillKenny” for his thoughts on camping in the new DW…

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Haha, yeh I do remember the time when we spoke in rhyme. Im sure you were there, pulling at your hair Swine, but afterwards you seemed fine. Great post Eel!

February 27th, 2011 at 23:53

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