Do you ever get the urge? …

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To gamble? I know I have. I get it a lot. The urge to bet all in at poker … the urge to bet maximum in hi-lo … the urge to jackpot every single time, hoping to win the big pot … the urge to gamble your energy, in hopes of doubling it … the urge to enter all the draws, hoping to get 6 balls in a row … the urge to kill our computer when we lose gold (damn those pesky thieves!) … have you ever had any of these urges?

I know for myself, I’ve had all these urges (especially the last one, :P ) and the force is just to strong to resist! Betting in all in fun, especially if you win, but damn, the blow is hard. Same with jackpotting every time …. damn that game, the worst bit of all was spending 400m on jackpotting the cards, and then having no more … and then 2 cards later, out comes that Ace of Spades! I swore to never play again … but of course, the urge is too much to bear … You bet 250,000,000 gold on Black! Damn , did it again!

Lately, there has been a force that has been luring me to, as others have put it “the energy gamble from hell”. That Cloaked Gentlemen seems to be lurking and watching my every move. Off to chat … few seconds later … BAM!
Cloaked Gentleman: Hehe, Well done Maggie_Pie. Seeing as your Maximum Energy is over 100, for helping me I have here an offer for you. I have 2 potions, a green potion and a yellow potion. One of these potions will double your Maximum Energy, the other will halve it.

*Runs away and hides in the forums*

Cloaked Gentleman: Eh hum …

Would you like to drink one?

[Drink the Green Potion]  [Drink the Yellow Potion]

*Punches in the face*

How annoying, he just won’t leave you alone! You always seem to come back to him. But wouldn’t it just be amazing to drink the right potion and double your energy! You’d feel awesome … but if you were to drink the wrong one, you’d want to quit and kill yourself. Unless you don’t care too much, then go for it! But to be safe, always pick the Pink potion. 8)

Now, as for the Lottery Hall, its getting dusty and needs to be used! And always buy the Max tickets, they give the best results, just the other day I won 10 helix! And 30m gold. Not too bad if I do say so myself. But how cool would it be to win 2b gold, 50k helix, 2,500 sapphires or 500 elements?! Now that would be epic. Very impossible … but epic. Just make sure you are prepared to lose whatever you bet! It may be a few hundred mill later before you actually win anything.

And of course, POKER!!! Who doesn’t love a good game of poker? A game of skill, a game of knowledge and of course … a game of chance. Whenever playing poker, I seem to get so bored I just HAVE to go … ALL IN. And often that leads to epicly lucky wins, or terrible losses.

And last but not least, well … I think we all get that urge sooner or later. :P

So what other urges have you had within DW? Come sit and share your stories with us.

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Get in line for that last one. Be prepared, it’s a long wait.

March 6th, 2011 at 03:00

well i lost 2.25 billion tonight on hi lo yes billion the urge i very intense

March 6th, 2011 at 21:39
mad mutt

Yes I have gambled shame on me. I wish I didnt have the urges but it just keeps pulling me back in. Yeah that damned cloaked man I have seen him many times over the years I wish he would just go away and stop tempting me. He is like a child perv with lolly pops.

March 9th, 2011 at 04:29
Karma Jack

Great blog Mags! I’m a fan…natch! :D

Well, I won 102 mil tonight in that card game thingy…I have a system…shhh, it’s a secret!
lol :P

Keep up the good work!

March 11th, 2011 at 14:37

You think gambling on which potion to choose is bad now. Back when me and Tom tested it, you only gathered the orbs once and could gamble as often as you want. I managed to start at my 2.5k energy and work my way up to 10k energy, and then go all the way down to < 100. It was then that we knew people were naturally gamblers, but we didn’t want them to quit because of this.

March 17th, 2011 at 07:54

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