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Tired of joining ten plus Text Based Games every week? We started designing games 8 years ago and have the Best Text Based Game, in our opinion of course. We would like to invite you to join us here at Dark Warriors and the hundreds of thousands of other players who have been through these pages before.

We think Dark Warriors is the best text based game and here are some reasons why.
1. You have access to game staff and developers directly.
2. You can influence the direction of the game.
3. We are constantly updating and adding new content.
4. Active, Competitive, Friendly and Monitored community.
5. Multiple monthly competitions to take part in.

Best Text Based Game Reason #1 – Game Staff:
We are avid gamers ourselves and we understand the frustration and issues that can arise when you do not have access to someone that can fix your account issues. At OGN we make ourselves VERY accessible and have posted our direct email addresses right on our homepage. If you are having problems that a game staff cannot help you with, the issue will either automatically escalate or you can contact us directly.

Best Text Based Game Reason #2 – Game Influence:
With all of the games that OGN has made, you can influence the direction of the game by suggesting new ideas to the developers in forums and inform them of problem areas. Of course we have limited resources and not every idea will become reality but ultimately the players have weight here.

Best Text Based Game Reason #3 – Constantly Updating:
Dark Warriors is always updated, we don’t just add new features, we add game changing updates. Our updates are geared to helping players play fair and to balance the world of Westland.

Best Text Based Game Reason #4 – Active, Competitive, Friendly and Monitored:
OGN wants to make a safe gaming experience for everyone, we try our best to have admins and staff online 24×7 to monitor our communities. Often these staff are our first like of defense and our front face for customer service. We make sure that our staff from abusing their power by creating a hierarchy of admins to watch over each other.

Best Text Based Game Reason #5 – Multiple Competitions:
Dark Warriors has a ton of different kinds of competitions that you can take part of. Our competitions run monthly and include clan battles, trivia chat, jousting, sea battles and so much more!

Join us soon before you get left behind!

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its great

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i like it

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