Goodbye Dear Anathema

   Posted by: St_Vigeouse   in Saints Sanction

A great day today, many things to do
A gift so sudden, a gift for you
its nothing special but hear what i say
that Funhouse enjoy your company every single day

remember to always eat your meals regularly
I’m sure u don’t want feel Dark~Warriors pain so suddenly
try to sleep early cause its better for u
and always be patient in whatever you do

i know you’re life is busy and i have no right to interfere
but I’m just reminding you As St.Vigeouse with full of sincere
that Funhouse always around when you need someone
to lend a ear when you’re feeling down

so keep on smiling and stay strong always
nothing suits you more than a smile on you’re face

Gd luck for your dreams and The Dark-Warriors Crystal Kingdom and St~Vigeouse wish u well
i hope this gift of mine becomes your “passing spell”
one thing to remember is never lose faith
in yourself and the life that your Friends at Funhouse gave.

2 Weeks ago I heard Anathema was leaving Dark Warriors soon. i mailed her myself and had a great talk. Then i saw her post. I also received a message from a Member of Funhouse To do a blog in Honor of you….Ill miss you too hun in chat lol……so I hope you liked it. You have touched many Hearts
Take care.

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A sweet goodbye post, and unexpected. After how many people have contacted me and both given their best wishes and stressed how much they want me to stay, they reminded me of some things.

I genuinely intended to quit, so I feel bad to have made a forum post about leaving only to be swayed into trying a vacation before making a firm decision, in an attempt to feel comfortable about staying.

I think people can understand slightly, though. If they imagined themselves feeling the need to leave, but then receiving the massive reminder of just how awesome the Dark Warriors community can be. Just how hard it will actually be to leave so many friends.

So I shall take a break, some time to access my real life situation. This is long overdue for me. Hopefully I will be around long enough to pester you all for some time to come.

Besides. Cannot leave Eddie be, the poor man is stuck with me. He needs to remember that. Everyday. ]:

So thank you, to all of those who expressed concern, and my apologies to those who were annoyed I posted about my potential departure. Thanks Vig, for this post. I did not know what to say, but I sure as hell have not really stayed shut up either.

March 28th, 2011 at 20:01
Loupgarou / Dromo


Do what you need to do ingame. However, please, please, stay in touch with me in msn. I care, and worry about you. And, there is the odd chance between my and my wife’s contacts, we might find something to help.

March 29th, 2011 at 06:33

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