Christmas in March!

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Lots of love has been spread by the famous warrior Nostalgic [13] (aka GoneWithTheWind)!

Like DW’s very own santa clause, he has come out and let people have a choice of choosing an item of his, platinum, helix, sapphires, elements or an undead demon egg. Thanks to his generosity, many have gone home with lots of little knick nacks to play with and lots of delicious shiny stones to munch on. Even the poor orphan children have received better clothes to wear so they won’t freeze to death in the blistering cold and die every hour!

Thanks to this giveaway of his, people as strong as Ultra players and as weak as Non-Subscribers have gotten a chance to get a nice little present. The only requirement was to make a post, and if he liked it you would receive something. It could be anything like 1 platinum or 200m gold! Looking at the post, looks like everyone has been good little warriors.

With the help of his little elves, they have been able to make lots of kiddies happy. Even with so much given away already, he is still the richest and strongest player out there. Unfortunately, poor Nostalgic has taken a vacation due to the many kids who have sat on his lap asking for presents. All this present giving has tired him out, and he has now taken a little holiday and is travelling across the globe on his private jet.

On other giving away news, GiantHamstaMan gave a Dactyls Chaos Hammer to the winner of his competition and elements to those who gave a try. Another great thing to see. This year, many of given away things and donating back to the DW community, and these are just ordinary players who have spent their precious time logging in daily to check up and have fun with the whole community. Maybe you could give something away too!

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thanks for post, but i am not Santa fat ;)

April 3rd, 2011 at 09:12

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