Payback’s a bitch – The Pink “Ball” of Fun…

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Sorry, I am not advertising a Breast Cancer Awareness Dance or anything…

Well, I have been blogging on this thing for a few months now, and wanted to share a bit of RL with you.

Two weeks ago within days of each other both my boys got pink eye.  I could hear one of them crying in the early morning,  “Mommy, I can’t see” – these are boys that can find their way from the top of a bunk bed to our room in pitch black.  And here they were they could not even open their crusty eye  to make their way out from under the blankets.  We were sympathetic to their plight (or so I thought, though this would change very shortly)  and kept the poor buggers home the first day, going to the doctors and getting some drops for them.

The doctor said they could go to school the next day, so we sent them. Poor little buggars – first they started in one eye and crossed over to each of their other eyes by the next day.

“Lisa and I were talking, and I think I am immune to that kind of thing,” my wife was saying, as Griffin came jumping up on my lap after dinner and rubbed his head affectionately into my head as I tried to delicately push him away without hurting his feelings as we always do this together.

For days this went on – those bleary red eyes coming along with that smile of anticipation as Griffin would come and jump into me and then try to wrestle our heads together, each day with me getting increasingly icked out, each day me getting more short with him to get off me…

And then it finally happened – I woke up this Wednesday with the damned pink eye.  Except it was the pink OOZING eye for me!  How ironic that I KNEW it was going to happened to me (“I am sure I am immune to that stuff…” Kristin would repeat…), yet I find it embarrassing how UNPREPARED I was to call into work.  A bit of quick scrambling and I was able to send my plans off to school while the boys went off to work with mommy leaving Daddy home to play DW all day! A dream come true! Or so  I thought at the time…

I was so giddy, I took pictures of my oozing eye and sent them into work to my principal and my friends to show them this was no hooky day for me – I was really sick! I got two fishing trips done, two mining ventures accomplished, I TRAINED two times! It was great! I got to Ven all day, and no one was there to give me the evil eye as I sat on the couch playing DW for 12 hours and watched the ‘Generals At War’ marathon on the National Geographic Channel! Oh yah! I was REALLLLLLY sick!

The next day things got even BETTER! My eye was redder, the ooze was thicker, and I got to stay home AGAIN! CHA-CHING! I think Tom even put a special deal out there because he knew my wife was at work, and I was home all alone! Thanks, Feltash!  But then I decided to take a nap that afternoon – I had been pushing things pretty hard that morning and the day before -  a lot of venning and all- my eye was itching a bit more than before.

When I woke up the unthinkable happened – both my eyes were crusted over!  That was NOT cool, and I turned into instant baby.  I dragged my ass to the doctor’s, got some new drugs and came home and waited impatiently for mommy to return to put the drops in my eyes. My wife was tired of doing double duty for two days dropping the kids off 30 minutes away and then driving 45 minutes back to her place of work, she was tired of listening to Raffi in the van, she was tired of seeing the kitchen dirty with me home for two days, she was tired of seeing me sitting on the couch playing DW when she came home after a long day, she was tired of me being such a baby.

Unaware of this at the time, acting infantile all evening, I was actually sent to bed early by my wife as she had lost her patience with me – I was sent earlier than even Noel and Griffin!  I even heard her say when she was putting them to bed – “Go say good night to Grumpy Daddy.”  I barely acknowledged a pair of angelic “Good night, Grumpy Daddy” as my boys echo whatever mommy tells them (Which reminds me: don’t use the word “pissy” in front of a five-year old, as he knows exactly how to use it on his 3 year-old brother when he is crying “Griffin, what are you getting all pissy about?”… I got the evil eye by mommy for that one…).

Anyway, I woke up today feeling much better, took things easier in the Ven, took a nap, and hardly had any crust in my eyes today – just some red!  But the best news is this:  We got rid of the boys for the evening with nanny and poppa, so mommy and daddy had a real DATE NIGHT!  Now when you have been married as long as we have, Date Night consists of going over the border for some Olive Garden and a few rounds of Bread Sticks and Soup, and then a trip to the Mall and visiting the Apple Store to look at the out of stock iPad2s!  After we confirmed that they were still out of stock and of course will not sell all thos F$#$%king display models just sitting there, we also confirmed that there was no movie we wanted to see.

We then went shopping at the 24 hours TOPS grocery store.  It was around 10:00 by this time and while in the grocery store, my wife started to say she was tired and that her eyes were sleepy/itchy….

Her eyes were itchy…


She said her eyes were itchy…

Well, by the time we got home, a quick look in the mirror confirmed the best/worst news (depending on your perspective). I just finished putting the drops in her eyes now! Let the fun begin! She gots the pink eye!…

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Lol …. great story there Swine.
And let’s hope you don’t give anyone in DW pink eye! XD

I’ll stay well away from you :P
Have fun taking care of the Mrs.

April 8th, 2011 at 22:52

Another epic blog, a great read

April 9th, 2011 at 03:38

I was almost starting to feel a wee bit bad for you until the end. Your wife is a saint. I agree with Serb, another great read. You always reel me into what’s going on in your life.

April 9th, 2011 at 11:05

So…it means she’ll stay home, right, and you’ll have to drive the kids to school, take care of the house, cook the meals, clean the kitchen, and look as your wife actually does all that stuff while beeing sick.

Errr…and you’re happy ?

April 16th, 2011 at 01:42

lol, pure evil!

@Mim – I am sure he didn’t think it through the way you did while he wrote the post :P

May 4th, 2011 at 12:28

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