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Well Its me……. old St_V…….. I would like to say hi too all who Join this game ….a comunity of lost souls that continuasly waste our time lol But in a Good way……And you ask me and probably already asked many other oldtimers how we continuasly play on a hardcore daily religeon basis. And trust me I ask myself that same question. Survival is the key as well as friendship and realy if you have time on your side…it becomes easy. So again wecome to Dark~Warriors….and this is my newest poem/blog that describes each one of  us  elders in the game that have made it this far…Enjoy………

Ode to A Dark~Warrior.
The dream of getting in.
We live in a place where fear walks around like a school yard bully.
It’s in our logs every minute of every day.
There is a nothingness about fear.
We move about our clan world, trying to avoid our fear.
But it’s everywhere we go.

The Dark Forest,Seafaring Dock, The  Upper Ven, and The Westland.
We hide it, disguise it.
Store it away.
Darkness creeps in.
At first, it’s oh so beautiful.
There is no fear.
A line.
It’s crossed.
Time passes in the ven.
Everything pure is lost.
The weak warriors cries out for the light.
Cries so loud, but only to a deaf ear.
But, what a dream.
The dream.
The dream of Dark~Warrior’s  life beyond the darkness.
How to attain it?
An outstretched hand An invitation from a clan.
A hug.
A welcome from new clanmates.
Hope brings with it a smile.
The smile warms a frozen heart.
What was once gray explodes into color.
A stair well appears.
First one, then two, and slowly to the third step. Must keep going.
We find solid ground in which to stand.
We ascend the fourth step.
And then the fifth disregarding the fear.
We walk right through .
We continue the journey one step at a time.
No need for getting out.
I’ll stay right here.
Im St_Vigeouse with many others.
With a Dark~Warrior’s life.

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