Castle Of Dark Warriors

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To describe the Dark Warrior experience…..Its like a castle and Feltash is the king.He continues to build his castle brick by brick. And as King he hears our words.. . Game cards, Game credits, and competitions the list goes on. It continues to build. Everyone has a home in this castle.Us Bloggers should embrace this and advertise this to the outside world and to the new members who enter without saying “I ran out of ideas”….We the Veterans helped build this castle….For better or worse so how can it be all on Feltash?…If we don’t swallow our pride, go back to our beginnings accept the fact that some of our ideas were wrong, how can Feltash continue to fix things if we ALL say “I ran out of ideas”. Even When my Subscription ends and its the end of St Vigeouse….I hope some day all my blogs in Saints Sanction Inspires someone to continue help Build this Castle.
Castle Of Dark Warriors.

The castle is a place where St Vigeouse dwell,
Where He can cast His wondrous spell.
From the turrets high to the dungeons deep
From each clans to the central keep.
Its powerful walls keep foes at bay.
They keep us safe from day to day.
The knights are brave and fight with zeal.
In armored suits and swords of steel.
The magic of rhyme is all they seek
St Vigeouse says in modern tongue to ancient Greek.
The castle echoes with the sound of joy,
And haunting words from man and boy.
The maidens fair who live within
Spread words of love and carnal sin.
For each one here there is a place
To release the soul from its inner RL space.
With words of mirth and sorrow both.
And witches spells of evil oath.
The castle grows from day to day
And people come from far away.
But once inside these walls of grey,
They know that they might be here to stay.
My words are all that leave this place,
All warriors souls the castle shall embrace.
So in my quest for a perfect poem
We call this place our Dark Warrior’s home.

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:D Indeed I am privileged to serve within your castle’s walls. Although I quite like the pretty forest behind our walls too. Excellent poetry sir! Perhaps you could post these in our clan forum too?

May 17th, 2011 at 04:14

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