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For those who don’t bother reading the Game Discussion forums and need an update, read it right here! This month in May, the owner of the game (Tom Starkie, aka Feltash) has created a big CBR and CPR competition for all to enjoy. Well … depending if you are on the right or wrong side of the blade.

“May will be a special month for the clans. The points for CBR and CPR will be added together to make your final clan score. This score will give the following prizes:

2nd: Siege Pit
3rd: University

Let me know if you have any questions.


Now I bet you are wondering what exactly is a Siege Pit and University? These exotic buildings are exclusive for clans only and can be bought through medals won from CBR and CPR. Each building costs 30 medals (except for the Siege Pit which is 20 medals)! For the curious mind, the Siege Pit is a building that contains ALL orbs. That includes, fire, ice, earth, lightening, evil and undead orbs. A total of 6 orbs! This is a great building for the lazy demon skill user who can’t be bothered spending hours a day looking for a measly fire orb in the caves of the Dark Forest. Each orb costs between 1 – 6m gold each.

As for the University … it’s a special building that enables you to train immunity and luck! Two stats that can only be increased through APs. But there is a catch … you don’t get to pick which stat you would like to train. You must alternate between the two. For example, you want to put 2 trainings to luck, but you must do 1 immunity in between.

Along with these great prizes, the normal medals will be given out, along with the normal amount of healing days. The trick is to win this month’s competition is to score high both in the CPR AND CBR! Or … just score high enough in one to get the highest OVERALL score!

The scores so far for the Top 3 …


1. FARMERS - 1,130,713

2. GARUDA - 726,685

3. Eternal Darkness - 657,029


1. Dros Delnoch - 4,574,010

2. Eternal Darkness – 2,776,984

3. FARMERS – 1,726,805


1. Dros Delnoch - 4,753,219

2. Eternal Darkness – 3,434,563

3. FARMERS – 2,857,158

The month is still young and rankings could change, who knows …

For those who find it hard to stay clean and let alone compete, here are some tips.

When out fishing, always bring along a merchant flag! It’s your best friend.

Right after each reset, be ready to buy a whisky brave and part everyone who crosses paths with you! Or … if you have the option and gold … A beef stew a day keeps the venners away. ;)

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WTH is this?! Public demands Ranting Red!!!

“We want ranting!” “We want ranting!”

May 17th, 2011 at 05:53

Sorry, it showed as if Red posted it :D

May 17th, 2011 at 08:21

Dammit maggie did you have to tell them about the beef stew??? *cries and kicks dirt balls*

*L* most of them wont use them anyway same as the flags so im not worried.

May 18th, 2011 at 18:54

Lol, no worries!

May 21st, 2011 at 20:14

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