Where should I put the money?

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When I woke up and saw the new economical changes this morning (even Tom avoided to call them “updates”) I remembered that after selling all my sapphires, part of my gear and part of my elements, for the first time in my in game life, I had 4 billion gold in my bank. So my first words this morning were something like “Ohh, crap! I will have to put all that gold in my ASSorted pair of shoes!!!”.
After that, Mama borrowed me her funny hat (meaning Merchang Tricorne), so I found myself holding the 4 billions in hand, and avoiding Seafare as a cat avoids water. I moved around Westland with all that gold and sound like a Christmas tree in the middle of a storm. You could certainly call me old bag now…old bag of gold!.
My next idea was to fund an illegal bank. I could buy a funny hat for me, and just fund the “RedShoes bank”, asking people to send me their funds, and holding them in my ASSorted pair of shoes, till they claim them back, and charging a 5% of interest for my ASSistance to save their funds.
Another brilliant idea that came to my mind is to provide a product that have a good reselling price, and that dont get so much taxes. As in real life people buys art to keep their resources safe, I could be buying Hunger’s drawings in DW…What do you think?.
I’m still trying to decide myself for any of those options, while I’m running around Westland with all my gold in hand, seeing the markets grow faster than our confusion.


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EXELENT…(Edu clap his hands and wave in ovation).


June 15th, 2011 at 13:50

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