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Every month in the land of Dark Warriors, people come from far and wide to defend the 8 cities. Each city is unique and if owned, will give you and your clan special bonuses! Every bonus is special to what the city provides, for example Helios, a place of Lumber, and if owned, will grant you the gift of lumbering for TWICE as much gold! Double payouts!

But back to the real competition. Every month, a Town Cup is held. During the first 3 days of the month, the warriors of DW choose which city to defend from the invaders. So far, Ordin has won numerous times! And have been sharing the fantastic prize of 5k GCs amongst themselves. The defenders of Ordin have blown the rest of the competition away with a great lead of 54280 points. Perhaps second in lead (Theia) could turn things around while the month is still young!

Fighting away the invaders is a hard job to maintain, but luckily, with these dedicated fighters, Ordin will yet again become Number 1 in the Cup.

The current scorings are as follows for the TOP 14:

1. Mad_Platter: 44,542

2. Black_Smoke: 43,947

3. MidoElmasry: 33,992

4. Shrooms: 22,269

5. lilrat29:17,244

6. Forest_Demon: 14,760

7. SOcool_101:13,551

8. Kvakaca: 11,853

9. Skalana: 7,869

10. zolin1: 7,106

11. Horakhty_Ex: 7,030


13. ONION: 4,190

14. Godrician: 2,595

Whatever place you come when your town wins the Cup will determine how BIG your prize is. Not only will you need to work with the others to give your city 24/7 protection, you will also need to have a good finger, patience and determination to rise on top! So come and join the fun and sign up at www.dark-warriors.net and maybe you can come first and show everyone how good you are!

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Hmmm… not sure what the first bit of your blog has to do with town battles. Town ownership & battles are two completely different things, but your blog here is making it sound like a citizen of one town will also get the benefits of owning said town.

As for Theia, if you check the listings that town there is no-one there has venned as yet, so unless they turn that around quick smart if they will have no chance to overtake Ordin.

July 12th, 2011 at 20:31

Oh, I miss Maggy. Have a good day dear.

October 21st, 2011 at 06:10

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