The Joy of Outposts

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Almost back from Summer Vacation, so I have decided to put in JoJo, the Dog Boy’s post on Outposts and what he likes to do with them.

The Joy of Outposts

Many players when they are newer hear of this thing called a Slated Hut, where you build a house that then earns you gold. Some players start building one, but then loose interest after awhile and don’t return. Does anyone out there actually keep up with theirs? I know my Hut is sitting there semi-built, not doing a thing but falling apart. Similarly, most players start an outpost at some point, but I think most of them don’t do much to it, and then abandon it to the weeds.

And that is not surprising, because building a strong outpost takes a lot of work. First of all when you are new and you start an outpost, you need plats to sell for tokens, so you spend time in the Forest fighting dogs and hoping to find rescue a kitty and get some plats. Then you need ore, so you go to the incredibly fun task of mining, getting up enough tokens to train a troop or build a farm, then going through the wholoe process again. And really, the most exciting thing that happens in mining is you appear to be stuck in a wall. Or when the Beast eats you. Besides that, it is a lot of tedius clicking on “mine again” (though really, thats not much different that venning a million kills, just brainless clicking on attack).
Ok, so you find plats, go mining, build a farm and a mine and some troops, that probably took a month. Now you can go raid other outposts, but since you are so weak, the only outposts you can beat probably have 100 tokens total. But every once in a while you can get 500 in one attack, so remember that outpost! You will be visiting them every few days. And maybe someone will write you a nice letter about “Hey a-hole, leave my outpost alone!”

So you keep at it, decide to level up, realize that it costs more for troops now, you forget to have enough farms and some troops die, you leave 10,000 tokens in it and someone steals it. But keep at it young ones, it is worth it.

Because one day you will be strong like ox. Not our Ox, but ox in general. And then you will be able to get back at those meanies who kill you in the Ven and fill your logs with their terrible names. All those players who think they are so cool because they win CBR battles and have battle percentages in the 90′s. The ones who kill you if you accidentally leave gold in hand (even if its only 500 gold you accumulate while defending your city). Even the World Champion, yes you too can defeat the World Champion-in the outpost!

Besides being strong in the obviously way-cool outpost category (“Outposts are Where its At”, New York Time January 24, 2011, or “The Joy of Outposts”, DW Blog, May 2011, for example), there are real benefits to doing so. With your tokens you buy Death Sweat, which you can sell on the market for a lot of gold, in fact I just made almost a million in gold by my 10 seconds of attacking another outpost. And guess who will buy the Death Sweats from you? The same person you just stole the tokens from in their outpost. Double whammy.
So keep at it grasshopper. One day your outpost will be legend, talked about for years to come.

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nice post :)

i think i’m one of those ancient relics with a fully build slated hut…and finding outpost challenging :)

August 6th, 2011 at 16:48
Roger Ramjet

Mr Swineparrot, I do like your comments and what you said is true, lots of work as you know. Your bolg has that teacher type quality….lol. Mim your outpost is not that bad, really.

August 6th, 2011 at 19:47
Teh Sora

I agree, Outposts are great… but there’s one issue with mine:

Mine is glitched, seeing as I cant build ANYTHING other than mines and farms.

As for slated huts, yes, i appreciate the 24,000 I get each day, for 20 days straight for just 40 platinum. Lovely, just lovely.

August 13th, 2011 at 17:37

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