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It’s been months since I last wrote something in here!  Well, it has been stressful in real life for the Capo and apparently it has affected my DW gaming and unfortunately even my clan.  =(

Balancing real life and your virtual DW life, I just found out is not so easy at all. Focusing on the more important issues in real life gave me very little time to enjoy my virtual life.  This almost driving my clan to extinction coupled with the changing format and not enough support from the clan capo to really be there for the members have driven our clan to its lowest point.

Clan management was never easy and it has always been an up and down for most clans in DW,  at the moment, we suffer the most inactivity in over 2 years of our clan’s existence.  Now, what we are discussing is which clan to merge with, who merges with who.  aaahhhh  Things clan owners dread of even thinking about.

In the next few days there will be movements of members to a different clan once more, this time the Mafia will seek its new home.  Where, that remains the big question mark (big ?)

The Capo is a little sad but this things need to happen to give the mafia members an enjoyable gaming experience.

So….  Watch out for the comeback of the Mafia Family!!!

The Capo!

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