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Wow!, that was my first reaction when I saw the new overview look.  Red tabs! A bit confused their. It has a story also of my character.

The story describes in a fascinating way what old overview had in plain aligned text. Now about those tabs, 6 in total. Five of them are tasks.

  1. Go Fishing
  2. Go Mining
  3. Visit Gym
  4. Go Lumbering
  5. Go Joust
  6. R (reset tokens)

At first this tabs are red which means you need to to do those tasks, when you complete each task the tab gets green.

Now with this new look makes me want to to do joust just for the tab to get green. I do first 4 tasks except Jousting. I hate jousting but I also hate to see one tab red and all others green.

Very nice update indeed, saves you a lot of clicks and time when you want to navigate through Westland, especially when you are in a hurry to do reset stuff before going to work.

I wonder if more tabs can be added. Hmm…, I should think of some and post in Ideas forum.

P. S. Dammit!, I have to Joust 2 times a day!


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*L* so that explains why ive been jousting lately!

October 3rd, 2011 at 23:31

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