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This is my first Hello to everyone as a whole.  I am very excited to be able to express to you how I feel about the people of Dark Warriors.
Dark Warriors gives us the chance to create that most wonderful dynamic of all, personalized Family.
There certainly is something to be said about that fact that here in Dark Warriors, we are able to choose, without  bias, our own friends and family members…..instead of just being born into a family where we may not actually feel as if we fit in.  Ever since I first set foot on the DW path over two years ago, this world we have chosen to be in has been evolving into an ever greater extention of our thoughts and feelings about how we believe things to be.  It is completely normal for there to be an evil mage venning brother, or a knight and family butcher, or a master cookie detective in our happy families.  And no one would ever look twice at the fact that the Royal Incubus and the reaper’s little sister are running around the world.
It is not by chance that we meet others here that we click well with.  It is not by chance that we are able to laugh with, cry with, argue with, get excited with, commiserate with, and share the simply joy of life with others who feel the way we do about things. Dark Warriors truly is a Huge Community of people who have come together through our love of the game (at first) and stay because of our love of the human spirit we have found here.
So when things have you down, or the game has you frustrated (which has been known to happen to me upon occasion) you simply need to always remember one thing:  you have already gained more than wealth….more than experience….more than learning or relaxation or any other reason you may play……you have gained wonderful friends and family that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.
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A lovely read, I agree was nice to ven along with you for the first time in December and get too know you a little bit better.

January 12th, 2012 at 19:23

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