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Well Hello. Any of you who know me keep it to yourself, those who do not know me I see this as a chance for personal growth so here it is, I am a 6ft 9″ Demi God of a man with diamond shoes and a golden toilet. I was once an obsessive Dark Warriors player but then I took an arrow to the knee (yes cheap Skyrim Joke there) and since then I have become a part-time gamer.

So I was living in the company of the living but as always this game is stickier than a lollipop found under the couch, and so I find myself daily checking my logs, my mail, training and even mining… As I write this I have played Dark Warriors for 2 years and 181 days, and I have mined for maybe 81 of those days, yet recently even the call of those musty dark mines has snared me yet again, 3 Burelia and 9 exp that is worth the carpal tunnel pain, lets go again!

So what is it that keeps us returning year after year? I think most would say its the people who play this game, and its hard to deny that logic without the other people its just me fantasizing about what Witch Gwyneth looks like. A mix of Megan Fox, Halle Berry and Beyonce if your interested. So the people of DW, we have a variety the vicious vegetables who keep the balance between alive, dead and crap I forgot to eat a beef stew. The new players who provide naive gullible nutrition for the growing veggies, all the way from these newbies to the oldies who spring up once every two years and remind us just how sticky this game can be.

Personally I don’t know what it is that keeps me returning, I absentmindedly log in and suddenly I am hooked again, could it be the people, could it be the hope that Nos or Ziggy have left PP on 100% and this could be that magical day I always dreamed of?

The problem that occurs when people do try and leave and return is they keep changing the damn thing, WTF happened to Westland? Where did subby options go? Jousting Cards what the hell we playing strip jousting now? These are versions of just a few of the questions that can be seen when returning players stumble back home after a drunken session in the real world. As always changes are met with 100% satisfied appreciation, easy way to ensure a 100% success record is not to read negative comments, simple example there of why I am not in charge of my countries economy.

I have just enjoyed Mama’s happy hour in local and the madness of 25 people all trying to bet on hi-lo chat and drink all at the same time, and I realized that these are the moments that keep us playing for 2 years and 181 days, grab your drink of choice and here’s too many more years, cheers!

Happy New Year

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