To Spend or Not To Spend

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The simple age old Dark Warriors question has of course been raised up again and again, and I know we all have our own opinions on what we think the right answer is.  Now I will put it to you that there is no right answer to this question.  It is more of a personal choice of circumstance that either allows us to be able to spend real money here, or not to.  This game actually needs both kinds of people to be what it is.
We need the spenders (I chose them first because the main reason is very simple).  We need the real money in order to make the upgrades that keep DW running as smooth as possible. Real money is also what makes new offers, and new equipment to become available.  Without money spent in the game, it would become stale and there would be very limited fresh ideas, abilities or items.  Without it we would be running on old broken down servers and having a great deal of issues with the game play, and would probably be put out of business because of the problems.
We need the non spenders as well.  In fact, they are a special group of people who teach us that money is not everything.  It can’t make better friends.  It does not bring better respect.  What it does is make things faster. You earn gold faster. You fish faster. You ven faster.  You lumber faster.
You can do everything in this game, and do it well as a non spender…..granted it does take longer to acheive things.  Longer like a stone moving so slowly that moss begins to grow on it….but it does work.  No one new coming to the game is going to spend hundreds of dollars on something they are not sure if they will even like.  We need to show them, if we want them to stay, that the most important things in this game are not spending money.
It is getting together in Happy Hour Chats, having a great deal of fun getting to know eachother.
It is watching your demon grow from incubation, to hatching…..remember that excitement?
It is earning karma for great posts, or spectra for being funny, or creative, or helpful (or any other you like).
It is earning trophys…..those really can put a smile on someones face :)
It is making great friends who are there to help/encourage/push you when necessary, and who don’t expect anything in return but your friendship.
To Spend, or Not to Spend, it’s still how you play the game that matters.
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However sad it may sound to some, but this is a post which contains truth.
But it also raises a question about new players joining and actually staying. Let me give you an example, everybody comes in at lvl 1, but those that spend alot of money also get alot of elements to keep them at a low lvl for venning. Granted, everybody gets a grace period in which they cannot be attacked, but once that time is over, they usually are shark bate to those who spend big. Which in turn will either make those who decide to spend stay and drive those who just wanna have a good time away from the game because if all they find in their logs after the grace period is that they have been killed every half hour by the same person in a ven month.
Which in turn also raises another question, is it wise to keep allowing those that spend so much to keep staying at those lower lvls?
In my opinion it is not gonna benefit new arrivals. I do honestly believe that the elements are a good introduction, but I think they should bring back the cut off limit on leveling down again. It did make the game alot more fun for those at the lower lvls.

Anyway, this is just my 2 cents in :) I still enjoy the game and probably always will, good job at the creators.

January 19th, 2012 at 09:28

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