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Another month is coming to a close…..already.  Where does the time fly?  Oh that’s right, we are having fun and it just seems to disappear :)
Well, get out your checklist for one months end, and next months beginning.
Lets see…..
1) Get ready for that final push in the ven.
2) Collect all gold and resources you are able to.
3) Make sure you haven’t missed any important forumn posts.
4) Decide what your plans for the new month are going to be…fight or relax.
5) Keep your current city, or move to a new one.
and 6) get rid of that damn cold!  Oh wait….that’s just for me   :-)
Yes everyone, January is just a short week from ending.
It seems like yesterday we were getting ready for New Years, and here we go! Poof  like magic, we are getting ready for the unknown once again.  What’s February going to be like?  Lets try to make a few predictions shall we?
I predict……. that Ox will once again part everybody (just how much ability does that master bovine have anyway?? Oh I know!  Too moo-ny of them)
I predict…….that SwineParrot will have something funny to say…..eh?
I predict…….that romance will blossom and people will fall in love. (You’d think it was spring already….wait a minute! It just might be spring somewhere!!)
I predict…….That Feltash will make some changes to the game…..and somewhere, somehow there will be someone making a remark about it.  We love the fact that we can say what we feel we need to.
And finally I predict that we are, as usual, going to have a BLAST playing this awesome game together, whether you ven, chat, or make riches.  Whether you are Master of the Seas, or King of the Castle……whatever you do, do it with fun and the joy of being together.
Now onward to the unknown……
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