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Ohhhhh my aching back! I can still see the imprint of the hoof marks as Ox traveled right past me on the WOF Wins.  (Congrats by the way!) What is it about that Wall Of Fame board that makes us push our limits to be on there?  And there are so many catagories. That way there’s something for every type of player, from Merchant to Fighter and everything else in between.
That’s not the only thing we push ourselves for in Dark Warriors.
What about the trophys? Who doesn’t love a good trophy now and then.  And some of them take a long time to get.  Speaking of that, how long does it take to get 500 traps anyway?……
The rage castle is another feature that was created for us to test our limits, and push to be the best of the best.  Those monsters can kill the best of DW, so I dont feel bad about only getting so far.  One day…..
The World Champion is another part that we have to work really hard and diligently for.  But I don’t think Nos is going to be giving it up any time soon so keep your eyes peeled   :)
Jousting is one of my favorites.  The upgrades to it have been wonderful, made so much more simpler then ever before. I am no longer confused about playing it. I don’t know how they used to manage to get huge scores and win before the changes.  And I can’t get enough of watching my horse pull ahead.  Although it does take some time to build up a deck of playing cards the way that matches your personality.  Brute strength…..poisonous….fleet of foot….or a mixture of them, whatever works best for you!
The newest adventure is Pebble Island.  What is awesome about this one is all the things you can get out of your voyage.  And losing to the King doesn’t necessarily end your trip either, many times you get to keep going…..Just look out for those wind changes, the best sailors will keep their voyages going for a long time.
Now that World 3 has opened, I find myself working harder on my outpost, mining, and fishing then I ever used to. Since it’s going to take a while to build up stats, why not work hard on other things to make them strong?  But it is a lot easier to get on the WOF…..at least for now  :)
Although it does seem to be a lot harder to win at slots in world 3….but I know that’s just lady luck being the fickle person she knows best how to be.  So when, or if you play, don’t lose your shirt……or anything else for that matter……..please!!    LOL

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