February Blues?

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Here we are everyone……sitting in the middle of February already!  I think it’s about time we took a look at some of our predictions from the end of January to see if I was right about any of them.  What am I saying??  Of course I was right!  Women always are after all  :)

Alright, my first prediction was that the Master Bovine, Ox, was going to be parting souls.  Drum roll please…..thank you.  Aha! I have here in my logs…. Ox’s partings, and I bet a great many others do too   :-)

The next prediction was that SwineParrot, a.k.a. PigBird was going to be saying something funny, and/or something Canadian (most people don’t know the two don’t always go hand-in-hand).  Now lets see here…….and I quote from Feb 3rd  “wait your turn, you whippersnapper!
geeze, these youngins’ – no patience and an exaggerated sense of entitlement, eh?”  LOL see, he couldn’t help himself, afterall he’s a Canadian eh?

Ok, now the prediction about Romance was a harder one to distinguish.  I looked, and looked, believe me I looked all over the place and was not getting anywhere! Either people are still single, or they have been married forever.  Or felt like they have been.  So, instead I took a quick look over to the brand new World 3, and guess what?  Romance is doing plenty of blossoming over there, so that means I’m still 3 for 3.

Now, for the last prediction of the end of January, I said that Feltash would make an update, and people would talk about it.  He created some new casino slot machines, and very graciously gave us all $200 to spend on them to try out our luck. Then we got to make posts, and talk about it in the local chat room during a party, to give some feedback, good or not so good, in order to help.

Ta Da!  There you have it Folks.  We have proven that we could have plenty of fun in the first half of the month and kept away those February blues.  Now we just need to finish off the rest of the month with a BAM!  So get out there, play the game, and make sure to have FUN doing it with your friends and family here.

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