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Among the many other things that normally come to our attention in the regular run of the mill type of day, I was reminded of something today.  Something special, wonderful,  and not so run of the mill or ordinary.

I was reminded of how important it is for us to say Thank You to other people.  And it is very important.  But not because it’s expected of us. Not because “our parents raised us right and we do the polite thing”.  And not because “everyone else is doing it and you just want to get in on it”.  In fact, the people we need to say it to actually don’t expect it at all.  They are the people who do things without expecting the glamor,  fame,  and fortune or even thanks out of it.  They are not doing these things either out of obligation for anything, or because they “owe” us something.  They are simply, out of the wonderful kindness of their own hearts, the type of people who do nice things.  That is why we need to stop once in a while, in our busy daily lives, and say sincerely, without hesitation or expectation, Thank You to them.

And we don’t do that nearly often enough here in Dark Warriors.  In our busy lives we sometimes act like this is just a game.  But it’s not just a game, and we have proven that, each and every one of us!  It is a huge, worldwide community of people who have become friends and Dark Warriors family members.  We are a social community that is in constant communication with eachother.  Well, as a social community, we have a commitment to eachother to be at the very least civil, and at the best, kind.  And one of the most important things in either civility or kindness is to say thank you.

The kind of things we could say it for are not always so very obvious, either to ourselves or to others.  They are the kind of things others do, like someone changing a word in a post simply because someone else didn’t like it.  See, it’s a simple matter between only two people, but there’s a great kindness involved.  Another example is what Clan Owners do for their members.  They sacrifice thinking only of their own characters, in order to be the best mentor, and…..well, “father/mother” really that they can be to the other members of their clan.  It is what builds amazingly great loyalty in the best of Clans.  The other members know what the owners and co-owners have to give up so that they can do the best they can for their people, and are loved for it.  But do we remember always to say thank you? Not usually.  We forget with all the other things we have to do day to day and our lives become a sea of the “same old thing”.  So make it a special note to remember next time to send off a thank you to them.

I also would like to remind us to say a Big Thank You to all of the volunteers that make this game a special place for us to come to every day.  For making it safe for us to play against hackers, and spammers, and all of the many other things they deal with so we don’t have to.  They are not doing it for glory.  They are certainly not doing it for a paycheck because they don’t receive one.  They are not looking for recognition or honor.  They are doing it for love of Dark Warriors, so we can keep loving it too.  They are some of the kindest of all, because they have a hard job to do.  We can be so ungrateful, inconsiderate and simply thoughtless at times.  So let me be the first, and hopefully not the last, to say thank you for all that you give up so that we can keep playing the game we love.

And last, but never least, we would not even have a Dark Warriors community to come to if it weren’t for the developers.  You didn’t actually think I would leave you guys out did you?  I won’t make you blush.  I just want to say my own personal Thank You for this most favorite game of mine, Dark Warriors.     So,  Thank You  :-)

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