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Ok.    So there  I was, walking along the beautiful wilds of Westland, whistling to myself,  with nary a person to be found.  Looking left…..looking right…….I cried out my greeting.   “HHHHHEEEELLLLOOOO   HHhhhEEEeeeLLLllOOoo  HhhhEeeeLlllOooo…………. hhheeelllooo?”

Stop!  Hold on —-  Wait just a minute!  Did that greeting actually echo??

What is up People of DW?  Where are you? I know there are people here enjoying themselves.  I’m sorry but you have left me no choice.  The echoing silence seems to be multiplying rapidly, and damage control needs to be put into place just as fast.  Just where are the people who are reading the Posts and Blogs?  Few and very far between, that’s where.   Oh yes, I did.  I went there!  I mean come on…. to actually have to read in a text based game? Astounding!  That’s simply craziness isn’t it?  What can I be thinking??  And responding….well pfft.  That would be asking too much now.  Or is it?  If you are reading the forum posts and blogs then prove it!

Admittedly there are some people who are regular readers, at least in the forum posts. They are quick to read up on any new post that comes along, and usually type in a reply or two…..or maybe, possibly three. That’s not so true for the blogs though.  Its looking pretty dead over there.   Folks the fact of the matter is, collectively we need to be a great deal more active in our flow of comments and ideas with each other.  This continued quiet is a trend that needs to stop.   After all, if I’m facing up against all of this silence, having been here almost 3 years now……what are the new people thinking?  They are seeing days and days go by without anything new being put in front of them. We are teaching them not to put forth their thoughts, ideas, comments and concerns.  Now, I do realize that there have been quite a few fun things added for us to do, so we find less time to do the more “boring” stuff.   But……

No more of this I don’t need to say anything because someone else will come along and do it. Well guess what?  You are the one that came along.  So smarten up.  Take that minute or two and get replying!  That is all it takes…..just a little feedback.

Now, for the other end of the proverbial stick.  It seems to be a little too hard for people to even create new posts anymore. It looks more and more like the same ones doing it.  And where might I ask are all the other bloggers?  That’s right…..I see you….there!   Aaaaand….there!  And also riiiigggghhhttt oveeeerrrr….there!  Listen up. (errr….I guess since you happen to be reading this I should say Read On).   The people of Westland are counting on us to do our absolute wordy best to keep things creative, informative, possibly funny, but most definitely above all, entertaining. It is not so strange how a few words typed out in front of a person can change their perspective for even just a little while.  It takes them away from their cares, their worries, and stresses of life.  Some have even been known to have cracked a smile or two.  I know I have.  There are some amazing bloggers here.  I have greatly enjoyed reading so many of them.  I even shared a giggle or two with my computer.

I’m counting on you to help me not to leave the same blog up there day after day    after day      after day *yawn* after   dayyyyy……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz       Huh? Not now…….zzzzzzzzzzzz…..What?   OH!!    Sorry about that.  Too much waiting creates a dark void of nothingness in which my pillow plays a very major part.

Now remember this if you remember nothing else I’ve said.  If we expect people to make responses and replies, we need to write something first.  And if we want them to respond intelligently, then we need to be, ourselves, thought provoking.   So this is a Wake Up Call for all the people of Dark Warriors.  Get out your thoughts, ideas, and make ready your replies.  We need to make our home once again lively.     :-)

Post Script:  As I write this I find that there has been one, (1!!), forum post written that is creative, informative, a little bit funny, but most of all Entertaining! So here is a thank you to that person…..you know who you are…..don’t ya SquidyCent, Gangsta Rapper! LOL too funny.

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that’s a bit…long to read. As it shows up as one piece of text in Westland, it may discourage readers. No offense meant, i admire your energy and enthousiasm.

February 28th, 2012 at 05:47

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