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Today I am going to tell you all about one of my favorite parts of the game!

Now if you remember the old version of jousting, you will remember something like the following:

(After choosing Masters Peak)

You jumped off the platform and your horse dive’s straight towards the ground, the stallion arches his back and straightened his course. You are now galloping at a speed of 33 yards per second with your lance roughly 2 yards above the ground.
Wind Direction: East at 2 yards per second.

Then you see a track of several letters and your tiny horse at the beginning of it such as:


C = clear course
A = archer
P = pigeon
B = bat

Needless to say, I was VERY confused trying to joust every day, and eventually gave up on it.  Some people however, became very proficient at it, and made their mark for all to see.

Now the new upgraded version, is much more user friendly……user being myself  LOL

It is more easy on the eyes with the nice graphics.  And it is a great deal simpler to use with the deck of cards system.  Now we are not just running up against wind speed, and invisible obstacles, we get to visualize the enemy, their position in relation to our own position, and also the cards they play.  This allows us to gather at a quick glance, what the enemy is using against us, and what card we should be looking to play next.  In order to discard we just have to hold down the ctrl key before we click on the card we wish not to use, and that card will go back to be shuffled into the deck until it is randomly brought back into use.

We all start with a basic deck, however there are a great deal of ways to augment your basic deck, so fear not!  We are able to purchase booster packs and complete sets from the GC shop.  We can pick up cards with earned jousting points at Bogarts Jousting Shop.  We are able to find other players that have them for sale……whether or not we can pay their price is to be determined. :-)    We even have the option to try our luck at the Prize Wheel, where we can get a booster pack, win GC’s, win a Mana X card, or quite possibly win nothing at all.  Each spin of the wheel uses up 1000 jousting points that you have worked hard to earn, so be careful with what you chose to do.

There are many different ways to set up your deck.  You can be a speed demon, where you fly past any and all opposition with the fastest horse around.  Maybe you like to get ahead while you push the enemy back at the same time…….poison and enemy reverse movement cards work extremely well with this personality.  You can even build up your starting speed and shield so that you are not so weak at the beginning of every match.

The enemy’s we face range from 75 Farlongs, right up to 1000 Farlongs so there is something for everyone to work on, to gain strategies against these enemies.

And still to come are the Player verses Player option, where we will be able to joust against other Dark Warriors members.  And also Knightrider Mode, which I must confess, I know absolutely nothing about.  It is a total and complete mystery to me at this time LOL so if any of you who would know more about this option would care to fill me in, I would appreciate the increase in knowledge!

No matter if you are still a novice at jousting, or if you have been playing since the change over, whatever you do,  remember to have fun!

Who knows……maybe we will even see YOU there at the jousting Fame Hall soon……..

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My clan has a guide to the old form of jousting. Looks interesting and I wish I could have played it, but the new version looks more interesting. I just never seem to get the card I need when I need it sometimes. But I’ve won a few game credits from it so i guess it’s all good.

March 29th, 2012 at 06:00

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