April’s Big Competition

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Sorry for the lateness everyone!  I ended up busier than usual this month :)

As I sit here with my hot water bottle resting comfortably against my back, I reflect on how quiet it has seemed in Dark Warriors all month.  There were no huge movements anywhere that I could see……not in the forums, nor the ven.  It stayed quiet in the Jousting barracks, the Sea, and the Castle grounds.  About the only place that held a lot of life was the local chat, during Mama D’s happy hours!  It is so awesome to see everyone, from all parts of the game come together to partake in some light-hearted conversation, and make their ways past each other to try to get the Party Hosts attention for a prize.  So if you haven’t made it for one yet, make sure to stop in sometime and say a round of hello’s……we shall be expecting you :)

Now April on the other hand is leading up to be a verrrrryyyyy exciting month!  For those that fight anyway ;)

Feltash himself has set up some completely awesome prizes for the Month of April, and this time it’s not the top 3 clans that will walk away with the amazing loot, it’s the top 5 clans!!!

In case you missed the forum post, these are the prizes:

- 10,000 Game Credits split over the Clan.

-  The ability to unbrand clan equipment from the armory. (Must already have the Armory)

- 10,000,000,000 Clan Vault Extension.

- 10% Potion Shop Reduction. (Must already have the Potion Shop)

- 5% Energy boost for all clan members. (Clan members must have been in the clan for at least 30 days)

So with these type of prizes up for grabs, I have some advice…….

Beef up on your beef stews!  Make sure to start it for a time where you can regularly, if possible, be online to reset it.   For those that dont know, beef stews will make you completely unattackable for 24 hours.

Or, for a less expensive option, pick up some bitter green leaves.  Now these will only hide you from the ven for 24 hours, not make you unattackable.  Others will still be able to search you out, if they wish, and take you out.

If your clan has an INN then these are the costs:  Beef stews are 1,800,000  and bitter green leaves are 800,000.   If your clan doesn’t have the INN then you are still able to use GC’s to get some.  They are found in Potions and Boosters, then chose boosters.  Beef stews are 18 game credits, and bitter green leaves are 8 game credits.

So be prepared for April……it is looking like its going to be a bloodbath!

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