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Well, we are now getting an influx of new players, and we need to make sure we are ready!

- excitement…….check!

- energy…….check!

- enthusiasm…….check!

Ok, we are ready to put out the friendly, helpful hand to all of the new gamers, because it’s all based on attitude.  There are so many things in dark warriors to do now, they may become confused, lost, disoriented…..and it’s up to us to come to the rescue! Now is the time to show the best in all your clan has to offer to these prospects. Now is the time to get out there and do the meet and greet and get to know new people.

Ah……HoneyBadger……you’re not supposed to FRIGHTEN them away! Maybe Ox can give you lessons on how to stomp lightly with those new feet of yours.

And so, here we are with a great deal of new people who have decided to come try out this game we all love.  Let us all show them the community spirit we ourselves have enjoyed since starting to play here.

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