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The Demons are here!!!

   Posted by: Mag_Trillini

But where are they? Wait look! At the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? Nope, but now I have your attention, I can tell you that there was nothing in the sky! But on the ground, in the sea, hiding in the little woods with the cute furry creatures and in dark scary caves its the start of  … the Demon Eggs o.o

Where did they come from? Well no-one knows … but there is a rumour that there was a bunny rabbit, merrily hopping down a nice luscious green hill full of flowers and trees that was stopped in its tracks on the edge of Westland. There stood in front of it … 5 colourful orbs and a piece of coal. Little shiny illuminating orbs … so the bunny went and said “Hmm, these look yummy, I’m gonna go eat them! ]:”

Yes … evil little bunny, eating shiny orbs that held the important elements of time and space. But hey, the bunny is hungry, so he has to eat. Later on … the bunny had a stomach ache making his stomach grow … and grow … and grow … Soon … he became a gargantuan bunny … and became a very big bunny with an upset stomach … So … to get rid of the stomach ache, plop one by one, then by the tens and hundreds went this colourful eggs, in the colour of the shiny element orbs that rolled down into the caves, woods, oceans and mines.

With plenty of eggs leftover, the bunny back to its normal size, and its stomach all well and happy again, the bunny decided to throw all the extra eggs up in the sky to a far away place … not being very athletic, the eggs didn’t go far and tumbled into Westland. Ziggy, getting ready to find some presents to giftwrap for Christmas, hits the jackpot as lots of eggs hit him on the head, giving him lots of bruises. But discovers the first few eggs ever to of existed in Westland. But one thing that even the bunny didn’t was that … the eggs went bad and turned … demon o.o

And that, boys and girls was how these Demon Eggs came into existence. But there is also one more rumour … it is also said that a guy named Feltash, creator of Westland had made this eggs so that everyone could have an Easter Egg Hunt during Christmas! And have their own little friends to play with. But hey, they are just rumours ;-)  …

…Or are they?…


The Big CBR has ended …

   Posted by: Mag_Trillini

The big race has ended but the killing is still going on! For those who don’t know what CBR is, well I’ll tell you. CBR stands for Clan Battle Rankings. And is a monthly competition where clans fight to the end and ven like C-R-A-Z-Y! Clicking past their heart’s content and clicking till their poor mouse and finger till they can’t take it anymore. When you run for CBR, there is no time for anything else, just ven ven ven!

Maybe for a split second you could go for an AP break and head to the SCC for some chow … Or maybe you are in need of more energy so you take a big drink of your death sweets … mmm that is good! Or perhaps get some more energy in the HCC machine. But even one second is too long of a break as hundreds and thousands of kills could be lost to you!

As a venner, every half an hour (venners are normally subscribers) you wait and stare at the screen, waiting for that big hand to go to 6 or 12 … waiting … getting your mouse and trusty finger ready … eyes wide open … 3 … 2 … 1 … Ding! Clicking FRENZY! Being a venner, you must always be there every revive to be the first to get the fresh meat! Early bird gets the worm as they say … Besides from being there to get the kills, you gotta be able to win the kills! Which means you have to get strong first. Damn so much hard work! Don’t worry, with some time and dedication you will get there! But until then, stop by at local chat and request for a drink of Whisky Brave. That will boost your ability temporarily by + 5 and then you can start parting all the players who are killing you ;-)

Anyway, here are the scores for November’s CBR,

Fun House was declared champion with an impressive 14,498,017 points, FARMERS took a close second with 9,918,866 points and Rising Force took the runner up position with 2,160,231 points!

Just imagine all the blood, flying bodies, elements and painkillers (for the poor finger) they would need to get for those big digits! Amazing! Now that is what I call dedication. Congratulations to all winners! Enjoy the great prizes for that special month!

And with time and dedication, maybe one day you will be able to ven like that too ;-)


What’s hiding in the Forests?

   Posted by: Mag_Trillini

The forest and dark forest, great places to find strong NPC monsters and a platinum mine! Thanks to the new attribute Luck, when you boost it really high, you can find more plats in one go!

What can you find there? Many go there when they are bored of venning or want to make some quick gold. A few plats here, a few plats there, here a plat, there a plat, everywhere a plat plat! No, not pat pat like the rain, but plat plat like the shiny stone. If you’re lucky you might bump into some plats that have fallen out of other player’s pockets. Even if its the lowest kind of currency, it can still bring in lots of gold if you collect enough of them. Every plat counts ;-)

The forest is for low level players who want to do some plat and gold collecting. After all, the best things are for free!

The Dark Forest however is for the the Level 10 + players. But they can haul in a bigger load of gold and plats for their energy’s worth. If you venture out into this forest, expect to get hit by stealthy Ninja Gophers to ugly Goblins with hot tempers. Oh yeah, and of course that stingy Prince and Monster Hunter. Remember, don’t be a peeping tom and try to look through the window, cause … well you will have to find out for yourself. And don’t be greedy ;-) At least not all the time.

With every level you go up, the harder the monsters get! So careful when you reach the 100 mark, a special someone will be waiting to get you, and he is persistent!

The forests are great places for those who want to level up and get rich at the same time too! Oh and you might bump into the giggly Puura at the same time! Careful, she fights bare … and she is strong. And get ready for the mystic forest, who knows? Soon, the Trolls will be back … waiting … and watching you …

***TIP OF THE WEEK***: The best kind of gold is the ones that are free!


My Beginning

   Posted by: Mag_Trillini

I am very previliged to be a blogger. I hope I meet to all your expectations! As you can see I am Mag_Trillini. But as you can’t see, I am the youngest of all the DW bloggers and am actually one of the youngest in the game. I might not know many fancy words, but I will try my best to entertain you!

I first came across this game when I got bored and so googled RPG games. I happened to come across this one which caught my eye. When I took a first look, I was like, hmm looks boring, but I will give it a try (I usually play 3D games). As a newbie to the the mysterious world of DW, I did what the tutorial asked me to do, and like any ordinary game, thought it was best to level up as fast as I could, so that’s exactly what I did. Unfortunately, by the time I got told that leveling was B-A-D bad, I was already past Level 10. So to all those who want to join the game, remember, DO NOT LEVEL UP!

The best thing about this game is the people you meet. As I continued to play the game I discovered people from many different countries, cultures with great personalities and just loved the gaming community. Most players are very friendly and really love helping others and just make you feel like you are part of one big family! Oh yeah, almost forgot the other best thing about the game is all the new updates, getting killed 24/7 and killing others 24/7! Venning (killing other players) is something you will love once you get the right skill set down and enough fire power to kill most in range. And of course, train that little clicking finger of yours …. just be careful, once you stop its very hard to stop! (Trust me on this one)

In the game, I am a part of a big clan that is active and still growing.  There are many clans, most of which are quiet, but there are still quite a few active quality clans out there that will welcome players new and old. Lately, many strong players have decided to part from their current clans to start one of their own. So for all players, watch out for them when they emerge from the surface!

DW is a great game with crazy strong monsters and beastly players and of the course the occasional Physco Steve who has escaped from the Mental Institution. But what would DW be without him? Although I may still be young I know a thing or two about games. And fact is, this an awesome one, for I am Mag_Trillini. ;-)

**Tip of the Week**:  Join Dark Warriors and have fun! Otherwise join Physco Steve in the mental hospital! You would be crazy to not join.