Having Fun

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Another month is coming to a close…..already.  Where does the time fly?  Oh that’s right, we are having fun and it just seems to disappear :)
Well, get out your checklist for one months end, and next months beginning.
Lets see…..
1) Get ready for that final push in the ven.
2) Collect all gold and resources you are able to.
3) Make sure you haven’t missed any important forumn posts.
4) Decide what your plans for the new month are going to be…fight or relax.
5) Keep your current city, or move to a new one.
and 6) get rid of that damn cold!  Oh wait….that’s just for me   :-)
Yes everyone, January is just a short week from ending.
It seems like yesterday we were getting ready for New Years, and here we go! Poof  like magic, we are getting ready for the unknown once again.  What’s February going to be like?  Lets try to make a few predictions shall we?
I predict……. that Ox will once again part everybody (just how much ability does that master bovine have anyway?? Oh I know!  Too moo-ny of them)
I predict…….that SwineParrot will have something funny to say…..eh?
I predict…….that romance will blossom and people will fall in love. (You’d think it was spring already….wait a minute! It just might be spring somewhere!!)
I predict…….That Feltash will make some changes to the game…..and somewhere, somehow there will be someone making a remark about it.  We love the fact that we can say what we feel we need to.
And finally I predict that we are, as usual, going to have a BLAST playing this awesome game together, whether you ven, chat, or make riches.  Whether you are Master of the Seas, or King of the Castle……whatever you do, do it with fun and the joy of being together.
Now onward to the unknown……

To Spend or Not To Spend

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The simple age old Dark Warriors question has of course been raised up again and again, and I know we all have our own opinions on what we think the right answer is.  Now I will put it to you that there is no right answer to this question.  It is more of a personal choice of circumstance that either allows us to be able to spend real money here, or not to.  This game actually needs both kinds of people to be what it is.
We need the spenders (I chose them first because the main reason is very simple).  We need the real money in order to make the upgrades that keep DW running as smooth as possible. Real money is also what makes new offers, and new equipment to become available.  Without money spent in the game, it would become stale and there would be very limited fresh ideas, abilities or items.  Without it we would be running on old broken down servers and having a great deal of issues with the game play, and would probably be put out of business because of the problems.
We need the non spenders as well.  In fact, they are a special group of people who teach us that money is not everything.  It can’t make better friends.  It does not bring better respect.  What it does is make things faster. You earn gold faster. You fish faster. You ven faster.  You lumber faster.
You can do everything in this game, and do it well as a non spender…..granted it does take longer to acheive things.  Longer like a stone moving so slowly that moss begins to grow on it….but it does work.  No one new coming to the game is going to spend hundreds of dollars on something they are not sure if they will even like.  We need to show them, if we want them to stay, that the most important things in this game are not spending money.
It is getting together in Happy Hour Chats, having a great deal of fun getting to know eachother.
It is watching your demon grow from incubation, to hatching…..remember that excitement?
It is earning karma for great posts, or spectra for being funny, or creative, or helpful (or any other you like).
It is earning trophys…..those really can put a smile on someones face :)
It is making great friends who are there to help/encourage/push you when necessary, and who don’t expect anything in return but your friendship.
To Spend, or Not to Spend, it’s still how you play the game that matters.

Family of Dark Warriors

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This is my first Hello to everyone as a whole.  I am very excited to be able to express to you how I feel about the people of Dark Warriors.
Dark Warriors gives us the chance to create that most wonderful dynamic of all, personalized Family.
There certainly is something to be said about that fact that here in Dark Warriors, we are able to choose, without  bias, our own friends and family members…..instead of just being born into a family where we may not actually feel as if we fit in.  Ever since I first set foot on the DW path over two years ago, this world we have chosen to be in has been evolving into an ever greater extention of our thoughts and feelings about how we believe things to be.  It is completely normal for there to be an evil mage venning brother, or a knight and family butcher, or a master cookie detective in our happy families.  And no one would ever look twice at the fact that the Royal Incubus and the reaper’s little sister are running around the world.
It is not by chance that we meet others here that we click well with.  It is not by chance that we are able to laugh with, cry with, argue with, get excited with, commiserate with, and share the simply joy of life with others who feel the way we do about things. Dark Warriors truly is a Huge Community of people who have come together through our love of the game (at first) and stay because of our love of the human spirit we have found here.
So when things have you down, or the game has you frustrated (which has been known to happen to me upon occasion) you simply need to always remember one thing:  you have already gained more than wealth….more than experience….more than learning or relaxation or any other reason you may play……you have gained wonderful friends and family that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.

Blogging, How hard can it be….Hello I am Serb

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Well Hello. Any of you who know me keep it to yourself, those who do not know me I see this as a chance for personal growth so here it is, I am a 6ft 9″ Demi God of a man with diamond shoes and a golden toilet. I was once an obsessive Dark Warriors player but then I took an arrow to the knee (yes cheap Skyrim Joke there) and since then I have become a part-time gamer.

So I was living in the company of the living but as always this game is stickier than a lollipop found under the couch, and so I find myself daily checking my logs, my mail, training and even mining… As I write this I have played Dark Warriors for 2 years and 181 days, and I have mined for maybe 81 of those days, yet recently even the call of those musty dark mines has snared me yet again, 3 Burelia and 9 exp that is worth the carpal tunnel pain, lets go again!

So what is it that keeps us returning year after year? I think most would say its the people who play this game, and its hard to deny that logic without the other people its just me fantasizing about what Witch Gwyneth looks like. A mix of Megan Fox, Halle Berry and Beyonce if your interested. So the people of DW, we have a variety the vicious vegetables who keep the balance between alive, dead and crap I forgot to eat a beef stew. The new players who provide naive gullible nutrition for the growing veggies, all the way from these newbies to the oldies who spring up once every two years and remind us just how sticky this game can be.

Personally I don’t know what it is that keeps me returning, I absentmindedly log in and suddenly I am hooked again, could it be the people, could it be the hope that Nos or Ziggy have left PP on 100% and this could be that magical day I always dreamed of?

The problem that occurs when people do try and leave and return is they keep changing the damn thing, WTF happened to Westland? Where did subby options go? Jousting Cards what the hell we playing strip jousting now? These are versions of just a few of the questions that can be seen when returning players stumble back home after a drunken session in the real world. As always changes are met with 100% satisfied appreciation, easy way to ensure a 100% success record is not to read negative comments, simple example there of why I am not in charge of my countries economy.

I have just enjoyed Mama’s happy hour in local and the madness of 25 people all trying to bet on hi-lo chat and drink all at the same time, and I realized that these are the moments that keep us playing for 2 years and 181 days, grab your drink of choice and here’s too many more years, cheers!

Happy New Year


Overview Major Face lift

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Wow!, that was my first reaction when I saw the new overview look.  Red tabs! A bit confused their. It has a story also of my character.

The story describes in a fascinating way what old overview had in plain aligned text. Now about those tabs, 6 in total. Five of them are tasks.

  1. Go Fishing
  2. Go Mining
  3. Visit Gym
  4. Go Lumbering
  5. Go Joust
  6. R (reset tokens)

At first this tabs are red which means you need to to do those tasks, when you complete each task the tab gets green.

Now with this new look makes me want to to do joust just for the tab to get green. I do first 4 tasks except Jousting. I hate jousting but I also hate to see one tab red and all others green.

Very nice update indeed, saves you a lot of clicks and time when you want to navigate through Westland, especially when you are in a hurry to do reset stuff before going to work.

I wonder if more tabs can be added. Hmm…, I should think of some and post in Ideas forum.

P. S. Dammit!, I have to Joust 2 times a day!



Missing this Blog!!!

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It’s been months since I last wrote something in here!  Well, it has been stressful in real life for the Capo and apparently it has affected my DW gaming and unfortunately even my clan.  =(

Balancing real life and your virtual DW life, I just found out is not so easy at all. Focusing on the more important issues in real life gave me very little time to enjoy my virtual life.  This almost driving my clan to extinction coupled with the changing format and not enough support from the clan capo to really be there for the members have driven our clan to its lowest point.

Clan management was never easy and it has always been an up and down for most clans in DW,  at the moment, we suffer the most inactivity in over 2 years of our clan’s existence.  Now, what we are discussing is which clan to merge with, who merges with who.  aaahhhh  Things clan owners dread of even thinking about.

In the next few days there will be movements of members to a different clan once more, this time the Mafia will seek its new home.  Where, that remains the big question mark (big ?)

The Capo is a little sad but this things need to happen to give the mafia members an enjoyable gaming experience.

So….  Watch out for the comeback of the Mafia Family!!!

The Capo!


The Joy of Outposts

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Almost back from Summer Vacation, so I have decided to put in JoJo, the Dog Boy’s post on Outposts and what he likes to do with them.

The Joy of Outposts

Many players when they are newer hear of this thing called a Slated Hut, where you build a house that then earns you gold. Some players start building one, but then loose interest after awhile and don’t return. Does anyone out there actually keep up with theirs? I know my Hut is sitting there semi-built, not doing a thing but falling apart. Similarly, most players start an outpost at some point, but I think most of them don’t do much to it, and then abandon it to the weeds.

And that is not surprising, because building a strong outpost takes a lot of work. First of all when you are new and you start an outpost, you need plats to sell for tokens, so you spend time in the Forest fighting dogs and hoping to find rescue a kitty and get some plats. Then you need ore, so you go to the incredibly fun task of mining, getting up enough tokens to train a troop or build a farm, then going through the wholoe process again. And really, the most exciting thing that happens in mining is you appear to be stuck in a wall. Or when the Beast eats you. Besides that, it is a lot of tedius clicking on “mine again” (though really, thats not much different that venning a million kills, just brainless clicking on attack).
Ok, so you find plats, go mining, build a farm and a mine and some troops, that probably took a month. Now you can go raid other outposts, but since you are so weak, the only outposts you can beat probably have 100 tokens total. But every once in a while you can get 500 in one attack, so remember that outpost! You will be visiting them every few days. And maybe someone will write you a nice letter about “Hey a-hole, leave my outpost alone!”

So you keep at it, decide to level up, realize that it costs more for troops now, you forget to have enough farms and some troops die, you leave 10,000 tokens in it and someone steals it. But keep at it young ones, it is worth it.

Because one day you will be strong like ox. Not our Ox, but ox in general. And then you will be able to get back at those meanies who kill you in the Ven and fill your logs with their terrible names. All those players who think they are so cool because they win CBR battles and have battle percentages in the 90′s. The ones who kill you if you accidentally leave gold in hand (even if its only 500 gold you accumulate while defending your city). Even the World Champion, yes you too can defeat the World Champion-in the outpost!

Besides being strong in the obviously way-cool outpost category (“Outposts are Where its At”, New York Time January 24, 2011, or “The Joy of Outposts”, DW Blog, May 2011, for example), there are real benefits to doing so. With your tokens you buy Death Sweat, which you can sell on the market for a lot of gold, in fact I just made almost a million in gold by my 10 seconds of attacking another outpost. And guess who will buy the Death Sweats from you? The same person you just stole the tokens from in their outpost. Double whammy.
So keep at it grasshopper. One day your outpost will be legend, talked about for years to come.

Brought to you by the Letter “O” and our sponsor:


Defenders of Ordin

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Every month in the land of Dark Warriors, people come from far and wide to defend the 8 cities. Each city is unique and if owned, will give you and your clan special bonuses! Every bonus is special to what the city provides, for example Helios, a place of Lumber, and if owned, will grant you the gift of lumbering for TWICE as much gold! Double payouts!

But back to the real competition. Every month, a Town Cup is held. During the first 3 days of the month, the warriors of DW choose which city to defend from the invaders. So far, Ordin has won numerous times! And have been sharing the fantastic prize of 5k GCs amongst themselves. The defenders of Ordin have blown the rest of the competition away with a great lead of 54280 points. Perhaps second in lead (Theia) could turn things around while the month is still young!

Fighting away the invaders is a hard job to maintain, but luckily, with these dedicated fighters, Ordin will yet again become Number 1 in the Cup.

The current scorings are as follows for the TOP 14:

1. Mad_Platter: 44,542

2. Black_Smoke: 43,947

3. MidoElmasry: 33,992

4. Shrooms: 22,269

5. lilrat29:17,244

6. Forest_Demon: 14,760

7. SOcool_101:13,551

8. Kvakaca: 11,853

9. Skalana: 7,869

10. zolin1: 7,106

11. Horakhty_Ex: 7,030


13. ONION: 4,190

14. Godrician: 2,595

Whatever place you come when your town wins the Cup will determine how BIG your prize is. Not only will you need to work with the others to give your city 24/7 protection, you will also need to have a good finger, patience and determination to rise on top! So come and join the fun and sign up at www.dark-warriors.net and maybe you can come first and show everyone how good you are!


Holy Gold!

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What a great way to come back after 2 weeks of holidays. And my bank turns into nearly 10b gold! Many new changes like Bank Taxing, which obviously, SUCKS! I mean, with the amount of gold I have, I would be losing 200m gold each DAY! I mean, that is RIDICULOUS!

This would be a great time to have a Fair, don’t you guys think so? *wink*

Anyway, I have this tonne of gold which is just lying in my bank, waiting to be spent. Question is, on what? The markets have skyrocketed so I don’t think I’ll be visiting that for a while. And damn, potions get more and more expensive each time. All I can see is that I will try and protect my gold from bank taxes and thieves until a Fair comes. Hopefully, that will be soon!

SO many new updates. I had to read 1000 + posts this morning! Guess that’s my punishment for being away so long. Oh well. Just a few things I want to say about the new updates.

First of all, I absolutely LOATHE the new lumbermill update. It’s terrible. Not lumberming for a week and POOF! Months of blood and sweat and hours put into lumbering, lost … FOREVER. Now that downright SUCKS. That feature should be removed, ASAP.

Now, about the potion shop prices. Come on, just LEAVE them ALONE! Although you say (you know who you are) that it is EASY to earn gold. It actually isn’t, for MOST. Although gold can be earnt easily, perhaps not TONNES of gold. I mean, it may be easy to earn 100k gold in less than a day, but not 100m gold. And to think you get TAXED for having just over 10m gold! Seriously, if you want to get rid of gold, give us a fair! Or create something HELPFUL that we would ALL want to spend on. Remember when ores were big? Perhaps a PCC. Or maybe, special AUCTIONS with special equipment!

In my opinion, the taxes will just ruin the game, especially for the non-spenders. These updates are just creating a bigger gap between those who spend and those who don’t. Aren’t we trying to create a more equal society instead of a more divided one? I can live with a tax, but perhaps a once a month one, not once a day! I mean, in reality, you get taxed, say once a fortnight, but once a day is just RIDICULOUS.

And last of all, the clan vault tax. Why limit it to 1b gold? That is MUCH too small considering the fact that people like to donate to HELP the clan grow which benefits everyone. And not every clan has the time or resources to earn medals to rent cities, let alone, increase their clan vault storage space. So how about make it 3b limit instead of 1b? That would sound more reasonable.

In all honesty, I don’t see any positive things with these updates. There should not have been a way to get UBER FAST endless amounts of gold in the first place. On that day with that update, a passageway to ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF GOLD lay for those with high strength and luck and time on their hands. Thus, causing an imbalance in the economy. But, I do not blame those who took this to their advantage. I would say, it’s the fault of the person who created this said update. I am just stating fact.

All I want, is a better game, like the rest of you. But I do not believe that these updates are the way to go. Many others have put suggestions out there that are better alternatives to reap gold out of the game. My idea is to, if you have not picked up my hints yet, ARRANGE A FAIR! Lots of potions, stews, little goodie bags, the whole lot! Whenever it’s time for fair, those 7 days are fun and joy! Just be careful of those pesky thieves! :P When I experienced my first fair, I was not wealthy, but I had fun, nonetheless! Seeing the markets crash and so many players with gold on hand was great fun. I think DW is overdue for a funtime of thieving, stat boosting and gold losing and of course, lots of other things!

Of course, that’s just one idea. Many others have put out their ideas and opinions on this matter. And I think their idea’s are worthwhile, just take a peek at Game Discussion and you will see what I am talking about. :)

Well, I think that’s enough typing for today. Glad to be back from my long vacation. Good to be back!


Where should I put the money?

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When I woke up and saw the new economical changes this morning (even Tom avoided to call them “updates”) I remembered that after selling all my sapphires, part of my gear and part of my elements, for the first time in my in game life, I had 4 billion gold in my bank. So my first words this morning were something like “Ohh, crap! I will have to put all that gold in my ASSorted pair of shoes!!!”.
After that, Mama borrowed me her funny hat (meaning Merchang Tricorne), so I found myself holding the 4 billions in hand, and avoiding Seafare as a cat avoids water. I moved around Westland with all that gold and sound like a Christmas tree in the middle of a storm. You could certainly call me old bag now…old bag of gold!.
My next idea was to fund an illegal bank. I could buy a funny hat for me, and just fund the “RedShoes bank”, asking people to send me their funds, and holding them in my ASSorted pair of shoes, till they claim them back, and charging a 5% of interest for my ASSistance to save their funds.
Another brilliant idea that came to my mind is to provide a product that have a good reselling price, and that dont get so much taxes. As in real life people buys art to keep their resources safe, I could be buying Hunger’s drawings in DW…What do you think?.
I’m still trying to decide myself for any of those options, while I’m running around Westland with all my gold in hand, seeing the markets grow faster than our confusion.