The lights are hurting my eyes…

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Hey guys!

I’m not dead!!! :D

For those who don’t remember me i’m HOOLIGAN, you must have seen me in your logs hehehe

I’ve decided to get back to the streets today after some days hidden in an old Pub, my beard is big and my back hurt. I spent all my last days drinking some ale in my favorite wooden mug and telling the stories of my adventures. I was also hearing some gossips of the current events of outside the pub door, which i didn’t cross for some days.

Got in some bar fights and killed a couple of guys who were saying I was not good at battling and i sent them to the other side proving i’m still in shape for a good bloodshed.

Took all my stuff and put it in my backpack and decided to hit the road back to the westlands. So here i’m, back to the good Ol’ style, the booze still in my head  so i’ll need to sleep for a day or two to recover my energies and be ready to war.

There are so many new faces around and I can barely recognize my old pals, crossed the street and a red haired woman waved at me, it was RedMoon, she seemed to be happy and in a hurry to get done some of her personal projects. Also saw a big Ox and her loyal wife Mama and they were so in love with eachother that even the newbies with tons of gold were passing by without being noticed.

I’m glad to be back, the air of this city is so inspiring and makes me be the old me again.


Another Big Battle!

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For those who don’t bother reading the Game Discussion forums and need an update, read it right here! This month in May, the owner of the game (Tom Starkie, aka Feltash) has created a big CBR and CPR competition for all to enjoy. Well … depending if you are on the right or wrong side of the blade.

“May will be a special month for the clans. The points for CBR and CPR will be added together to make your final clan score. This score will give the following prizes:

2nd: Siege Pit
3rd: University

Let me know if you have any questions.


Now I bet you are wondering what exactly is a Siege Pit and University? These exotic buildings are exclusive for clans only and can be bought through medals won from CBR and CPR. Each building costs 30 medals (except for the Siege Pit which is 20 medals)! For the curious mind, the Siege Pit is a building that contains ALL orbs. That includes, fire, ice, earth, lightening, evil and undead orbs. A total of 6 orbs! This is a great building for the lazy demon skill user who can’t be bothered spending hours a day looking for a measly fire orb in the caves of the Dark Forest. Each orb costs between 1 – 6m gold each.

As for the University … it’s a special building that enables you to train immunity and luck! Two stats that can only be increased through APs. But there is a catch … you don’t get to pick which stat you would like to train. You must alternate between the two. For example, you want to put 2 trainings to luck, but you must do 1 immunity in between.

Along with these great prizes, the normal medals will be given out, along with the normal amount of healing days. The trick is to win this month’s competition is to score high both in the CPR AND CBR! Or … just score high enough in one to get the highest OVERALL score!

The scores so far for the Top 3 …


1. FARMERS - 1,130,713

2. GARUDA - 726,685

3. Eternal Darkness - 657,029


1. Dros Delnoch - 4,574,010

2. Eternal Darkness – 2,776,984

3. FARMERS – 1,726,805


1. Dros Delnoch - 4,753,219

2. Eternal Darkness – 3,434,563

3. FARMERS – 2,857,158

The month is still young and rankings could change, who knows …

For those who find it hard to stay clean and let alone compete, here are some tips.

When out fishing, always bring along a merchant flag! It’s your best friend.

Right after each reset, be ready to buy a whisky brave and part everyone who crosses paths with you! Or … if you have the option and gold … A beef stew a day keeps the venners away. ;)


My thank You to Dark Warriors

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This is for the people that inspires me daily and a thank you to Feltash. This game brought the best out of me personally for over 3 years now. Buts sometimes Good things come to an end.So IF this is my last blog…….Thank you and I hope i helped some people to be inspired to help this great game grow
What is the value of a new suit? $500
What is the value of a College Eduacation?$50,000
Value of a New Home..?$200,000
What is the value of a Rolex Watch..?$2,000

What is the value of a DW Friend?

I was thinking today about the blessing of Friendship.
With this mind I stopped and made a gift for you all.
I would like to give it to you. Would you like to know what it is?.
I will tell you.
You may recognize the contents..
designed with all DW players in mind.
Friends to listen
Friends to care
Friends to last a lifetime
A little understanding
A few kind words
A little compassion
A Smile or two
Do you recognize the contents.
there what you share with me,
I thought you could use them too
And with all that in mind…..Its not how rich we get…Or how many ven kills…. its about friendship……Not in clans But the whole game.Because IT IS ONLY A GAME…But it does start with you


Castle Of Dark Warriors

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To describe the Dark Warrior experience…..Its like a castle and Feltash is the king.He continues to build his castle brick by brick. And as King he hears our words.. . Game cards, Game credits, and competitions the list goes on. It continues to build. Everyone has a home in this castle.Us Bloggers should embrace this and advertise this to the outside world and to the new members who enter without saying “I ran out of ideas”….We the Veterans helped build this castle….For better or worse so how can it be all on Feltash?…If we don’t swallow our pride, go back to our beginnings accept the fact that some of our ideas were wrong, how can Feltash continue to fix things if we ALL say “I ran out of ideas”. Even When my Subscription ends and its the end of St Vigeouse….I hope some day all my blogs in Saints Sanction Inspires someone to continue help Build this Castle.
Castle Of Dark Warriors.

The castle is a place where St Vigeouse dwell,
Where He can cast His wondrous spell.
From the turrets high to the dungeons deep
From each clans to the central keep.
Its powerful walls keep foes at bay.
They keep us safe from day to day.
The knights are brave and fight with zeal.
In armored suits and swords of steel.
The magic of rhyme is all they seek
St Vigeouse says in modern tongue to ancient Greek.
The castle echoes with the sound of joy,
And haunting words from man and boy.
The maidens fair who live within
Spread words of love and carnal sin.
For each one here there is a place
To release the soul from its inner RL space.
With words of mirth and sorrow both.
And witches spells of evil oath.
The castle grows from day to day
And people come from far away.
But once inside these walls of grey,
They know that they might be here to stay.
My words are all that leave this place,
All warriors souls the castle shall embrace.
So in my quest for a perfect poem
We call this place our Dark Warrior’s home.


See the sh!t we have to deal with?

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Hemorrhoid Relief

Hemorrhoids Relief… [...]below you can find more useful blog or website worth visit[...]…

This is below one of our posts (probably Redmoon’s… I’m not saying anything, I’m just saying, you know what I’m saying?…).

I never realized how much real SPAM there is out there in the world of cyberspace?  Someone actually has to groom through the comments from our beautiful blogs and trim out this crap.  I would have thought it would be to sift through all the “Pigbird, you suck ass!”  “Pigbird, I hate you! F-OFF and leave my outpost alone!”  Pigbird, you’re a jerk!”

Surprisingly, those comments are quite rare – usually it is the more benign spam that makes it really disappointing to write our blogs, and then eagerly check back (yes, alright? I DO enjoy reading your stupid comments on my blogs. No shut up and keep reading!)… Where was I? Oh yeah, it really sucks to see all the people that have too much free time to come on to our little blog site and write stupid shit about International Schools in the Bahamas, or a new way to deal with Hemorrhoids, or a painless way to enlarge my pen.. oh wait, that was me googling something… uh, never mind about that one…

I used to play this “other” text-based game called AlienNation (I THINK that is what it was called; that or nationstate…). You had to create this nation and you got to decide all the things for your citizens and watch it grow.  At least that is how I played it out.  Each day you were presented with dilemmas and had to decide you would handle it as the governing body.  Depending on your personal philosophy you citizens were living in pure utopia or a complete Police State.

Guess where I fell in?  I had my citizens FORCED to give organ donations when they died, I had the police fully allowed to bug the citizens roaming for criminal activity (if you have nothing to hide, what do you care if big brother is watching you?).  They carried heavy machine guns and were allowed to pull you over for no reason.   Castration was legal to weed out the dumb-asses in my population and their possible offspring…

It was a real release for me after a long day of work and putting up with crap all day.  And when I have to read all this garbage these people post on here (You don’t have to read it as it is deleted by Nate or someone), I sometimes wish I was back in that police state, having my cops track down these wankers who spam our blog forums and then send out a squad to beat their asses up and make them regret harassing us.

And now to bring us back to a complete circle, and to complete my status as a hypocrite, here is a lovely advert below for you to read, and based on how many times I wrote the word “Hemorrhoid,” I can only guess what it is about…


Goodbye yellow coat

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I finally stepped down from all my GH positions after a long time of being part of the Great Hall team at most OGN games. The main reason for it is that I need more time for me, to be more present and focused at real life, and the admin work is a lot of work and demands energy and time, so I asked Nate to release me from it. However, I will continue doing some background work at OGN Great Hall (and of course, I will continue playing poker and being a pain at the game as a regular player now!).
Being admin was a great experience that made me met amazing people, and I want to use this space to say thank you to all those that were there working with me shoulder by shoulder.

Nate: you have amazing leadership abilities, and you have been always there for us when we needed you. I’m sure that you will make a awesome career at real life, because you really have what is needed to do it. Thanks for your support. It have been a pleasure to work with you, and it will be always nice to keep working at your side.

Mama, Ox and Kvakaca: it have been really funny and exciting to work in team with you all, and to have such a great communication between us every day, not just to deal with cases and game related issues, but to have a laugh and talk about each others lives… that is something that we will continue doing because I appreciate you as real friends (that goes for you too Nate).

Tom: thanks for the trust and support. I hope I have been a little help for you during all this time.

To all the players that helped me many times mailing me about game related issues, informing me, and giving their opinion and points of view about things, thank you very much.
It was a pleasure to be at your service,


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Recipe To Making Or Joining A Great Clan

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So here we go Warriors. Another installment of my Bog in Saint’s Sanction. Sorry for the delay, It takes me on average 2 weeks to Create entertainment for you. People in Game discussion and Clan Council often asks How to Create or join the perfect clan. So here is my outlook on that question St V Style…….enjoy ….

You will need:
1 large Clan
6 experienced officers and X amount people, depending on how long you want to wait for it to be done to greatness
4 eggs of pets(Forest,The Mines,Dark Forest, and Seafaring Dock)
2 cups of patience
3 ounces of anger/frustration
3 quarts of laughter
4 teaspoons of trust
And last but definitely not least,
Lots and lots of love and Gold.
First, open or join the Clan, and make sure that it will be the right Fit on who or what you want it to be. Mix the desired amount of people with the eggs so they have pets, carefully incubate so you don’t damage them. In a separate bowl, stir the love and laughter together. Set aside. Taking each person separately, evenly distribute the patience and trust, making sure that each one gets an equal amount (Failure to distribute evenly may lead to different recipe! See recipe for “Ode to A Dark~Warrior” or “Owners Cry Too” in Saint’s Sanction for details…). Carefully open the bottle of anger/frustration. Using a Q-tip, dab small portions of the anger/frustration onto each person. Lastly, take the love and laughter and sprinkle it all over the Clan, pets, and people. Let sit until all parts of the recipe are thoroughly combined, and voila! Your Perfect Clan/Search is complete.


Welcome to Dark~Warriors

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Well Its me……. old St_V…….. I would like to say hi too all who Join this game ….a comunity of lost souls that continuasly waste our time lol But in a Good way……And you ask me and probably already asked many other oldtimers how we continuasly play on a hardcore daily religeon basis. And trust me I ask myself that same question. Survival is the key as well as friendship and realy if you have time on your side…it becomes easy. So again wecome to Dark~Warriors….and this is my newest poem/blog that describes each one of  us  elders in the game that have made it this far…Enjoy………

Ode to A Dark~Warrior.
The dream of getting in.
We live in a place where fear walks around like a school yard bully.
It’s in our logs every minute of every day.
There is a nothingness about fear.
We move about our clan world, trying to avoid our fear.
But it’s everywhere we go.

The Dark Forest,Seafaring Dock, The  Upper Ven, and The Westland.
We hide it, disguise it.
Store it away.
Darkness creeps in.
At first, it’s oh so beautiful.
There is no fear.
A line.
It’s crossed.
Time passes in the ven.
Everything pure is lost.
The weak warriors cries out for the light.
Cries so loud, but only to a deaf ear.
But, what a dream.
The dream.
The dream of Dark~Warrior’s  life beyond the darkness.
How to attain it?
An outstretched hand An invitation from a clan.
A hug.
A welcome from new clanmates.
Hope brings with it a smile.
The smile warms a frozen heart.
What was once gray explodes into color.
A stair well appears.
First one, then two, and slowly to the third step. Must keep going.
We find solid ground in which to stand.
We ascend the fourth step.
And then the fifth disregarding the fear.
We walk right through .
We continue the journey one step at a time.
No need for getting out.
I’ll stay right here.
Im St_Vigeouse with many others.
With a Dark~Warrior’s life.


Payback’s a bitch – The Pink “Ball” of Fun…

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Sorry, I am not advertising a Breast Cancer Awareness Dance or anything…

Well, I have been blogging on this thing for a few months now, and wanted to share a bit of RL with you.

Two weeks ago within days of each other both my boys got pink eye.  I could hear one of them crying in the early morning,  “Mommy, I can’t see” – these are boys that can find their way from the top of a bunk bed to our room in pitch black.  And here they were they could not even open their crusty eye  to make their way out from under the blankets.  We were sympathetic to their plight (or so I thought, though this would change very shortly)  and kept the poor buggers home the first day, going to the doctors and getting some drops for them.

The doctor said they could go to school the next day, so we sent them. Poor little buggars – first they started in one eye and crossed over to each of their other eyes by the next day.

“Lisa and I were talking, and I think I am immune to that kind of thing,” my wife was saying, as Griffin came jumping up on my lap after dinner and rubbed his head affectionately into my head as I tried to delicately push him away without hurting his feelings as we always do this together.

For days this went on – those bleary red eyes coming along with that smile of anticipation as Griffin would come and jump into me and then try to wrestle our heads together, each day with me getting increasingly icked out, each day me getting more short with him to get off me…

And then it finally happened – I woke up this Wednesday with the damned pink eye.  Except it was the pink OOZING eye for me!  How ironic that I KNEW it was going to happened to me (“I am sure I am immune to that stuff…” Kristin would repeat…), yet I find it embarrassing how UNPREPARED I was to call into work.  A bit of quick scrambling and I was able to send my plans off to school while the boys went off to work with mommy leaving Daddy home to play DW all day! A dream come true! Or so  I thought at the time…

I was so giddy, I took pictures of my oozing eye and sent them into work to my principal and my friends to show them this was no hooky day for me – I was really sick! I got two fishing trips done, two mining ventures accomplished, I TRAINED two times! It was great! I got to Ven all day, and no one was there to give me the evil eye as I sat on the couch playing DW for 12 hours and watched the ‘Generals At War’ marathon on the National Geographic Channel! Oh yah! I was REALLLLLLY sick!

The next day things got even BETTER! My eye was redder, the ooze was thicker, and I got to stay home AGAIN! CHA-CHING! I think Tom even put a special deal out there because he knew my wife was at work, and I was home all alone! Thanks, Feltash!  But then I decided to take a nap that afternoon – I had been pushing things pretty hard that morning and the day before -  a lot of venning and all- my eye was itching a bit more than before.

When I woke up the unthinkable happened – both my eyes were crusted over!  That was NOT cool, and I turned into instant baby.  I dragged my ass to the doctor’s, got some new drugs and came home and waited impatiently for mommy to return to put the drops in my eyes. My wife was tired of doing double duty for two days dropping the kids off 30 minutes away and then driving 45 minutes back to her place of work, she was tired of listening to Raffi in the van, she was tired of seeing the kitchen dirty with me home for two days, she was tired of seeing me sitting on the couch playing DW when she came home after a long day, she was tired of me being such a baby.

Unaware of this at the time, acting infantile all evening, I was actually sent to bed early by my wife as she had lost her patience with me – I was sent earlier than even Noel and Griffin!  I even heard her say when she was putting them to bed – “Go say good night to Grumpy Daddy.”  I barely acknowledged a pair of angelic “Good night, Grumpy Daddy” as my boys echo whatever mommy tells them (Which reminds me: don’t use the word “pissy” in front of a five-year old, as he knows exactly how to use it on his 3 year-old brother when he is crying “Griffin, what are you getting all pissy about?”… I got the evil eye by mommy for that one…).

Anyway, I woke up today feeling much better, took things easier in the Ven, took a nap, and hardly had any crust in my eyes today – just some red!  But the best news is this:  We got rid of the boys for the evening with nanny and poppa, so mommy and daddy had a real DATE NIGHT!  Now when you have been married as long as we have, Date Night consists of going over the border for some Olive Garden and a few rounds of Bread Sticks and Soup, and then a trip to the Mall and visiting the Apple Store to look at the out of stock iPad2s!  After we confirmed that they were still out of stock and of course will not sell all thos F$#$%king display models just sitting there, we also confirmed that there was no movie we wanted to see.

We then went shopping at the 24 hours TOPS grocery store.  It was around 10:00 by this time and while in the grocery store, my wife started to say she was tired and that her eyes were sleepy/itchy….

Her eyes were itchy…


She said her eyes were itchy…

Well, by the time we got home, a quick look in the mirror confirmed the best/worst news (depending on your perspective). I just finished putting the drops in her eyes now! Let the fun begin! She gots the pink eye!…


Today I became a citizen!

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More than 2 years of playing for free and today I belong to Westland City! The game was just a game a few years back…kill or be killed…steal or be stolen!

Today I became a citizen of Westland to belong to a city where you prove your worth and contribution.I remember that era when all DW players have to fight for Westland against Trolls and that time when we all do our part to revive Wizard Afrix! Today I become a citizen to be useful as a citizen of a city.

Nothing more worth than to be part of a community in a game. I started enjoying this game to be able to do something for a city. Today I am a citizen!