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Sea of Talent

   Posted by: Ditrick_Capone    in The Mafia Connection

Ever wonder who is behind that name you play with in DW?  Everytime you log in and enter  the game you will check out posts of people in the clan forum or community forum.  But really, who is the real person behind that funny name?  Doesn’t it make you wonder?

Let’s say Feltash?  Ever wonder who he is in real life, he is probably just one of the many people out there.  I guess you are right, he is just one of those guys who every now and then invents a game for people like us to play.

In the realm of the dark warriors, the gender that we acknowledge is the player’s gender he choses when he first registers.  The age that we talk about is the game age and seldom do we ask for real life age.  Going beyond age and gender, sometimes we get intrigued by how a person composes his post.  If we are to analyze a post, we can have an idea of a persons background.

Some posts are quite obviously done by a kid, perhaps a 10 year old, some are from an old fart wanting some little intelligent exchange or some “emo” just wanting to rant.  Most of the posts that are fun to read are those in the community forums.  You’d see very articulate posts, very funny posts, artistic posts, and down right stupid and idiotic posts.  Who are these people you ask?  I asked the same question many times over.

As a clan owner, I normally would ask my members their background to see what position in the clan I can offer them or up to what extent they can assist other members.  In the past couple of years I have discovered that DW is a “sea of talent”.  I have met a lawyer from Malaysia,  a nurse from Canada, an officer of a big firm in the UK, a construction firm officer from Indonesia, a plant manager from USA, a very artistic person and excellent blogger, an IT professional from the Philippines, a car garage shop owner in Australia specializing in V8′s, excellent musician, retired army service man,   a college scholar, son of a mafia, the list goes on and on.

So why don’t you do this, next time a post gets your attention, send this person an email and simply connect.  You’d be surprised to know that the person that has been attacking you all night long is a very sweet and gentle person in real life.  Not so long ago, a known outpost pillager dropped me an email, we had a fun exchange of mails, this coming from a person I hated for stealing my outpost tokens.  We have been at it for the past couple of months exchanging attacks but we respect one another in terms of gaming and it was fun to know a little more about the real person behind the name.

So come on boys and girls…..

Have fun and make the most of your gaming experience!  Make more friends!  Cheers!

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DW and my Sanity!

   Posted by: Ditrick_Capone    in The Mafia Connection

Why do you play Dark Warriors (DW)?  Whatever your reason, I offer you mine.

I am Ditrick Capone, I am one of DW’s clan owners who lead a pack of mobsters and I have been playing DW for over 2 years now.

My real life work is one that is pressure packed and very stressful at times.  To relieve myself of stress, I play golf.  Unfortunately golf is a sport that needs to be played during daylight and on the average one can complete the game in 4 hours.  What happens when you want to “de-stress” yourself in the middle of the night or during rainy days?  Well, the answer to this is DARK WARRIORS!  Yes, I have discovered that DW can be helpful in keeping my sanity in check.

What is it about this game that helps me keep sane?  Well, the format of being in a clan and meeting other members is an awesome experience.  You can make friends from all around the world, learn from other players their culture and develop friendship that can extend beyond DW.

Keep Sane! Play DW!

Well aside from that, I find it amusing to be somebody else in a make believe world.  As my name implies, I am a mafia in DW, well lost in the medieval times (I hope I got the era correct), I think we have been transported back in time.  That is another nice thing, nobody will stop you from coming up with your own theme.

Oh and to add to just making friends in the game, I think a “DW couple” turned real life couple.  Awesome that such thing can happen in the game.  We all have our reasons, I’d like to hear yours………………………….

So for me, I play to keep myself sane in real life and make friends all over the globe.  How about you? Why do you play?

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Humble Beginnings

   Posted by: Nate    in Nate's Nook

Ah a sneak peek of where I have come from to get to where I am, where to begin? Well, lets go back to April 2008. The story begins where I got kicked out of my college 2 weeks before I was due to go back to Australia, and of course finish the semester. Probably not what you expected, huh? Well lets continue. Here I am, 2 weeks till I fly back home to Mackay, Queensland and I’m sitting at my grandparents house wondering what to do with my spare time. So me being a gamer since about 9 years old, I started to Google some RPG games. I came across one that I played for a few weeks and ironically, I saw an advertisement for Dark-Warriors on this site so I checked it out.

Early Beginnings

I played the game for a few days and of course like a lot of people do, I mailed Feltash to ask what he did to start his game, that is, what languages he used etc. So he added me to MSN and we talked for like 3 minutes and that was it. I continued to play the game and bought my first 3 month subscription for a whole $12.95 and I loved it. I continued to play and started getting bored with it. I transitioned into my Junior year at my new college and thought a game would be a big hassle to play so I decided to quit the game when my subscription ran out. Needless to say, 3 days before my subscription ended Hi-Lo came out and I started playing it. Many of you know I used to play it every 30 minutes, then every hour, then every reset. I gained over a year of subscription doing this, plus a great assortment of goodies.


Come around the December time I was in local chat and Feltash was in there as well. I started speaking with him in a normal manner (hint hint, not trying to get anything) and within a few minutes he made me a helper. Hell, I didn’t want to help no one, I was one of the players that stayed in the background and just played Hi-Lo when it came on, helping was the last thing I wanted to do, but needless to say I went into Newbie chat. I log back into the game the next day which was the day that Feltash introduced the webcam feature in chat. He asked if I could test it out for him so I did and a few minutes later I became a Staff. Fweh, a whole 9 hours of being a helper and I was on to the next level. He told me the reason he made me Staff was because “I had my head screwed on straight” he also mentioned, “You have a goatee and drink protein shakes” whatever that meant.

Fast Tracking

Time goes on, I start doing my staff duties and as an OCD perfectionist I start cleaning up some things. Apparently this was a good thing and in 2 weeks I became Admin, talk about fast tracking. Feltash started talking to me more on MSN, he started giving me projects to undertake since he knew I was a geek at heart, so naturally I do them. I continue to get more projects over the next few months, and I start getting less attached to playing the game and more involved in running the game, Feltash liked this. In August, some things happened of which I can not be certain of (I still haven’t been told) and Feltash told me I was going to be the Head Administrator for World 1! Holy hell, what was he thinking? I can’t do that, I know nothing about running a game. I just started by making things more universal in the game, you know something that everyone can follow.

My WTF Moment

After a few months I started getting the hang of it and right around December of 2o09 I was told I was going to become the Head Administrator of Jurassic Jungle. What the hell is going on, how can I handle 2 games? I continue to run both games the best I could. Then yet again I some other series of events happened and I’m told I’m going to be Head Administrator of World 2. This is craziness to say the least. I also had to take over all the other games except for Starwake, luckily we found one person to be a Head Administrator over there. Now I get informed that I am a Games Master. Well what the hell is this Games Master thing? He told me “You run everything, enjoy” EVERYTHING?!?! How can I run every game that all of OGN owns? Well it wasn’t easy let me tell you, I couldn’t humanly run everything by myself. I had to find a great team to help me run everything thats for sure.

Present Day

It took me months to find players that could help me run the games, without me taking away their gaming experience. The players I found had a desire to run the game as opposed to playing the game, sure they enjoy playing the game, but the success of the game and having a happy gaming community is their number one goal. I’m so blessed to have found them. Now you will see, if you play any of the other OGN games, that each game has their own Head Administrator. It took a lot of work, a lot of sleepless nights, and a lot of chemistry but finally we have a great team for each game to enjoy. I know I’m not perfect and I don’t claim to be, but my number one goal and wish is for the games you play to be a great experience for each and every one of you. It may seem like a lofty goal, but its one I do hope to achieve.

PS: Promise this will be my only auto-biography blog ;)


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DW Fauna I

   Posted by: Red Moon    in RedMoons Rants

There are some days when I wake up feeling that the last thing I drank last night was a bottle of acid. My words are sharper than ever, and I have that incredible skill to bitch about people and have fun with it. Today is one of those days… so lets take advantage of my mood and use it to make you smile by giving an evil look to some general group of characters that settle our beloved Game Community.
It would be almost impossible to mention all the different kind of characters that makes up the DW fauna, but I’m feeling scathing enough today to give it a shot and mention some of them here. I will just describe the ones that amuse me more, of course!.
Lets see if you recognize some of these personalities around you…

That pain in the ass… The Beggar:

We all have ever met one of them, we all have received one of those mails, we all have noticed that familiar attitude of the player that suddenly act as if he were your best friend and the next thing that happens is that you receive a mail that starts with “Hi mate, could I borrow…”.

The beggar was a simple creature at the beginning of times in DW, but later they became more sophisticated, because their first specimens where vituperated by the whole DW population… so as every specie that wants to survive, they adapted to the conditions and developed new ways to camouflage themselves. You wont see a good beggar coming. He will approach in a silent way, he will watch you and wait… He will act as the tick that waits patiently on a tree for the dog to pass down there to jump on his back.  So watch your back, my friends… the beggar is always around, ready to jump on you!.

Ladies and gentleman, with you…The Dissatisfied:

There is nothing that you can do to make him happy… He will hate every change at the game, criticize every improvement, disqualify everyone’s ideas and oppose to any decision.

The funny thing about these characters is that they usually don’t have personal ideas or suggestions… All their energy is used to disagree about everything. If the sun is shinning at the sky, they yearn for the rain… But if it is raining, then they will yell to the clouds because “its not fair!”.

With time and experience, I learnt to appreciate those grumpy yelling characters. For good or for bad they are there to cause polemic, and sometimes polemic is really funny.

And there they are, so cloying … The Lovely People:

Don’t you ever think that there are people who just can’t be so good?. Nobody is so good… we all have moments, we all have a dark side, we are all humans. But there seems to be a particular fauna that works hard to be the best friend, the most dedicated clan member, the most sensitive fellow gamer… All at the same time!. Again… nobody is so good!. The Lovely People never gets mad about a thing, never complains, if you slap them they will turn the other cheek. They always take everything serious, they explain the jokes and find a moral on them, they understand the funny jerk at chat and make him look as a misunderstood child that just needs love.

I have to say it. I could sound evil but I have to say it… being so good is lovely… but damn boring, lol!. Give me some irony, give me some out of place comment, give me some sarcasm, and I will believe you. But nobody is so good!.

Ohh, yes! you will recognize her easilyThe Seducer:

They are the queens everywhere they go. They know how to call attention, they know how to seduce and be the ones. They look at the mirror before entering to chat, and use some perfume in their mails, they posts 10 pics per weeks at Non Game Discussion forum (you know… “that’s me with my cuddly toy, that’s me brushing my teeth, that’s me changing a light bulb, that’s me cutting the grass… me me me) .

But c’mon!… Be honest… in a game where 80% of the players are males, all girls are queens, lol. The difference between these ones and that ones is that The Seducers really believe in their roles, and behave like Hollywood actresses that haven’t been discovered yet.

Could I have your attention everybody, with you… The Attention Caller:

They are prepared to do anything, and I really mean anything to call public attention. Losing dignity in the meantime is not really a problem. They are the ones that always make the silly comment out of place at chat… they are the ones that manage it to be farmed by everyone because they messed it up… they are the kind of characters that you add to your black wish list. The Attention Caller needs to be seen, no matter how. If it is about being the best loser ever…well, they can make it. If it is about being the bigger jerk… of course, there they go. If it is about being a pain in the ass… ohh, please! that’s not difficult!.

These are just some stereotyped and exaggerated characters, none of them is a real character since people is more multifaceted than that,  but I bet that all of you have recognized some characteristics around there.
Luckily our Game Community is so assorted and complete that you will be able to find all kind of people. But at the end of the day, you keep the great people with you and have some fun about the rest. That’s the idea, that is what is all about.

Red Moon

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