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Unlike the boring updates you might get on another Online Text Based Game we have written a report of some of the latest updates we have made recently.

Online Text Based Game Update – Equipment Damage:
Some of your inventory items now take damage, Only items with a power higher than 10 can take damage. You can repair your items from your ‘Overview’ window. Damaged weapons will lose power in combat.

Online Text Based Game Update – New Westland:
After many years of the same Westland city page, we have released a whole new slew of updates with this one. The new Wesland Cup challenge can earn you some extra goodies for defending your city from attacking marauders.  You also can request your clan to purchase the title of land from each city, these titles will always change and offer every clan member benefits they normally would miss out on.

Online Text Based Game Update – Serf Costs:
Serf costings have been updated so they better reflect the economy.

Online Text Based Game Update – Demon Eggs:
This new update is pretty impressive. As you wander around westland you will find Demon Eggs, you are able to incubate and hatch these eggs. As a Demon follows you through your journey it will gain experience and boost your ability points. You are able to swap demons out for different boosts depending on your strategy you wish to play.

I know sometimes change can be difficult for some regarding an online text based game. And for those who would rather not have these updates I ask you to hang on and wait because we are always updating Dark Warriors! You never know what will happen next! We have found out that about 95% of our community loves and thrives on these changes and we are pleased to bring them to you.

Thanks for playing Dark Warriors,

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