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I have been playing this Text MMORPG called dark warriors for less than 1 year now. I know thats not long. There have been a lot of changes throughout the days since I began my journey. Most of the updates are good and if I am not happy with them I just say ‘ Just get on with it’.

The thing I really like about this text mmorpg is the NEW westland. As this game becomes more fun and better it makes the combat even more exciting.

The part which annoy me is when players can spend alot of money on this game (I spend a little)…lol. Looking at the bright side of things, I have made many friends on this text mmorpg which have helped me on my way.

To make things even better. I don’t know of any other game that lets you talk, play and learn from staff and the owners. Its good that they come into chat and are very active. Also I would like to thank the helpers,staff, game moderators,game developers and any others I have missed for creating a great text mmorpg which all ages can love and play together.

Here, we learn to help each other either mentoring or by sharing resources like gold.

This text mmorpg dark warriors is always changing and improving. I will stay here for a long while then leave when I get old.


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