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I have been playing Dark Warriors a text rpg game for almost two years now, I am not the richest or the strongest. Despite this I find myself drawn back to my computer every night I walk in from work, even getting out of bed earlier to log in which makes me miss my morning coffee. Which anyone can tell you is as serious for me as losing a limb.

So If I dont think of myself as the strongest or the richest in this text rpg game, what is it I keep returning for? The simple answer is the players, Staff and Developers of this game are by far the greatest group of people I have met on an online game. Other players are always around to enjoy a joke with, or even there to continue a good rivalry. Whether its Combat in Upper Ven, the battle ground of Dark Warriors, or having my Outpost invaded by the same guy every revive, my day would not be complete without it.

Uniquely this text rpg game offers a direct link to Staff and Developers through forums and chat, giving you a feeling that you are shaping the world around you, so join me in the local chat and we can have drink.


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