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You can analyze browser games by thousands of different factors to determine the good browser games from the bad. However there are some important things to consider before signing up for the latest and greatest browser game that everyone is playing. I am going to list some of the topics that I would rate a good browser game at and let you be the judge.

A good browser game has – Community
Don’t just go for the biggest game you can find, and don’t play a super popular game if you don’t like competition. The larger the community the harder it will be to get to the top. Apart from mass amounts of players is the quality of the players. Do you want to be around players your own age or do you prefer younger players? These are all very important things to consider.

A good browser game has – Staff/Developers
If you decide to be a paying player you will want to be able to contact a developer sooner then later to have your issue resolved. Even for reporting bugs and errors you want to make sure that there is enough staff to handle your issues. Among various other things if you are seeking a well moderated community, check into the rules and guides for what ‘goes’ and what doesn’t.

A good browser game has – Server and Programming Quality
Does the game run on quality servers? This is usually a good indication as to the knowledge and resources that a good browser game may have. If you are frustrated to the point where it takes a few seconds to load a page then you should consider moving on or talking to a developer about it. No game is fun to play if you have to wait 10 seconds between page loads!

A good browser game has – Gameplay
You can have a great game but without the above items in check even the best game play wouldn’t be any fun. A good browser game has a great mix of game playing styles that will appeal to everyone and not just the PVP players or the economy kings. You want to find a good browser game that has created a fun environment for all types of players and not just one aspect.

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