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I’m a 36 years old lady that likes painting, reading, going out with friends, working out and dancing. I’m a travel agent and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I started playing Dark Warriors when I was going throw a very difficult personal and economical crisis in my life, and I suddenly went from having a lot of time out of the house to stay at home a bunch of hours.

Dark Warriors was the first Online Text Based Game that I joined. Until that moment, I wasn’t even a big internet fan. But one day, I clicked by chance on an advertisement on Facebook that took me to Dark Warriors, and I discovered a whole new world.

My first idea was that the game could help me to improve my english, because my original language is spanish, and my english was completely out of practice. So I first stayed at the game for that reason, but at the beginning I was too shy to go to chats or post at public forums. I felt that people could laugh about my terrible english.

Luckily I joined a very friendly clan, The Saints Empire, which helped me to make very good friends and to learn a little more about the game, and I got hooked by it. Later I felt confident enough to start talking to people at chats, and I became Game Helper. From there, it was a one way route that took me to the Admin position at most of OGN Games, and Head Admin at one of them.

I keep thinking that the best fact about Text RPG Games, is that they give you the opportunity to use your own imagination, that is one of the best and extraordinary tools that we have.

The other amazing thing about this Text MMORPG, is the Game Community, that is formed by people from all over the world, with different ages and economical and social levels. That big mix would be a big mess at real life… but somehow, there is a balance and a positive coexistence between people inside the game. I keep finding that inspiring and it makes me think that the world can be better.

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