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Having Fun

   Posted by: laylar73

Another month is coming to a close…..already.  Where does the time fly?  Oh that’s right, we are having fun and it just seems to disappear :)
Well, get out your checklist for one months end, and next months beginning.
Lets see…..
1) Get ready for that final push in the ven.
2) Collect all gold and resources you are able to.
3) Make sure you haven’t missed any important forumn posts.
4) Decide what your plans for the new month are going to be…fight or relax.
5) Keep your current city, or move to a new one.
and 6) get rid of that damn cold!  Oh wait….that’s just for me   :-)
Yes everyone, January is just a short week from ending.
It seems like yesterday we were getting ready for New Years, and here we go! Poof  like magic, we are getting ready for the unknown once again.  What’s February going to be like?  Lets try to make a few predictions shall we?
I predict……. that Ox will once again part everybody (just how much ability does that master bovine have anyway?? Oh I know!  Too moo-ny of them)
I predict…….that SwineParrot will have something funny to say…
I predict…….that romance will blossom and people will fall in love. (You’d think it was spring already….wait a minute! It just might be spring somewhere!!)
I predict…….That Feltash will make some changes to the game…..and somewhere, somehow there will be someone making a remark about it.  We love the fact that we can say what we feel we need to.
And finally I predict that we are, as usual, going to have a BLAST playing this awesome game together, whether you ven, chat, or make riches.  Whether you are Master of the Seas, or King of the Castle……whatever you do, do it with fun and the joy of being together.
Now onward to the unknown……

To Spend or Not To Spend

   Posted by: laylar73

The simple age old Dark Warriors question has of course been raised up again and again, and I know we all have our own opinions on what we think the right answer is.  Now I will put it to you that there is no right answer to this question.  It is more of a personal choice of circumstance that either allows us to be able to spend real money here, or not to.  This game actually needs both kinds of people to be what it is.
We need the spenders (I chose them first because the main reason is very simple).  We need the real money in order to make the upgrades that keep DW running as smooth as possible. Real money is also what makes new offers, and new equipment to become available.  Without money spent in the game, it would become stale and there would be very limited fresh ideas, abilities or items.  Without it we would be running on old broken down servers and having a great deal of issues with the game play, and would probably be put out of business because of the problems.
We need the non spenders as well.  In fact, they are a special group of people who teach us that money is not everything.  It can’t make better friends.  It does not bring better respect.  What it does is make things faster. You earn gold faster. You fish faster. You ven faster.  You lumber faster.
You can do everything in this game, and do it well as a non spender…..granted it does take longer to acheive things.  Longer like a stone moving so slowly that moss begins to grow on it….but it does work.  No one new coming to the game is going to spend hundreds of dollars on something they are not sure if they will even like.  We need to show them, if we want them to stay, that the most important things in this game are not spending money.
It is getting together in Happy Hour Chats, having a great deal of fun getting to know eachother.
It is watching your demon grow from incubation, to hatching…..remember that excitement?
It is earning karma for great posts, or spectra for being funny, or creative, or helpful (or any other you like).
It is earning trophys…..those really can put a smile on someones face :)
It is making great friends who are there to help/encourage/push you when necessary, and who don’t expect anything in return but your friendship.
To Spend, or Not to Spend, it’s still how you play the game that matters.

Family of Dark Warriors

   Posted by: laylar73

This is my first Hello to everyone as a whole.  I am very excited to be able to express to you how I feel about the people of Dark Warriors.
Dark Warriors gives us the chance to create that most wonderful dynamic of all, personalized Family.
There certainly is something to be said about that fact that here in Dark Warriors, we are able to choose, without  bias, our own friends and family members…..instead of just being born into a family where we may not actually feel as if we fit in.  Ever since I first set foot on the DW path over two years ago, this world we have chosen to be in has been evolving into an ever greater extention of our thoughts and feelings about how we believe things to be.  It is completely normal for there to be an evil mage venning brother, or a knight and family butcher, or a master cookie detective in our happy families.  And no one would ever look twice at the fact that the Royal Incubus and the reaper’s little sister are running around the world.
It is not by chance that we meet others here that we click well with.  It is not by chance that we are able to laugh with, cry with, argue with, get excited with, commiserate with, and share the simply joy of life with others who feel the way we do about things. Dark Warriors truly is a Huge Community of people who have come together through our love of the game (at first) and stay because of our love of the human spirit we have found here.
So when things have you down, or the game has you frustrated (which has been known to happen to me upon occasion) you simply need to always remember one thing:  you have already gained more than wealth….more than experience….more than learning or relaxation or any other reason you may play……you have gained wonderful friends and family that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.